Posted by: 光星 | 01/07/08

IKU comes (goes?) to I’ve Sound

With little fanfare nor advance notice, newest I’ve vocal member IKU performs the newest ending to Hayate no Gotoku! The song is called 木の芽風 (ki no me kaze) and is sung, written and composed by IKU, with arrangement by Kazuya Takase. That’s how we know this is I’ve. Whether we’ll see more from IKU is anyone’s guess right now.

While no one really knows at this time who this IKU is, a Youtube video has already been posted for your listening pleasure. Judging from the vocal style, this newest Aibu blog member believes that IKU is another one of Eiko Shimamiya’s students who has received her chance in the spotlight. I believe she may even be MAYO (上奈真代), a student of Eiko’s who back in 2002 won a small contest by singing “I need you” with help of Eiko, Kaori and KOTOKO. Listen for yourself while it lasts.



  1. REALLY!??! O__O I thought IKU is a non-I’ve member that’s why when I learned that Hayate no Gotoku will be having a new ending theme, I told myself, “Wow, a non-I’ve theme song for Hayate no Gotoku?! Now that’s something new…” But when I stumbled here, and read this article, my initial stimuli, “WHAAATTT!? IKU is an I’ve Sound?! And new?! Oh wow?! *shooks head* ”

    And she’s got talent huh? Composing and writing songs as well? Uhh it looks like I’m going to add up another article in English Wikipedia in no time concerning IKU. But I think I’ll have to search more infos about her first…

  2. Sorry. Her voice strikes me as bland and her patterns run of the mill. Not that I could do any better! Just not impressed.

  3. Hikaruhoshi (who wrote this newspost if you hadn’t noticed) and I both agree that IKU’s debut is dead boring, but I’m confident that if she becomes a rank fixture for I’ve she could very well grow into something special. To use two very-much relevant examples, KOTOKO started out as nothing more than AKI’s echo (if you go back and listen to any of the early KOTOKO TO AKI tracks, it’s hard to make any connection with the vocalist who would later go on to record stuff like Re-sublimity or Real Onigokko), and also when Kaori Utatsuki got her start she was little more than a second KOTOKO.Also, if IKU is indeed MAYO (which I’m inclined to believe), then she’s being groomed by Eiko just as Mami, KOTOKO and Kaori were. So, while I’m not necessarily holding my breath for great things from IKU until we know for sure if she’s actually a new I’ve girl or not (for all we know the song will be nothing more than a one-off), I would never even think about writing her off just yet.

  4. well put. also, MAYO. hahah. lovely name.

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  6. Hey! this is a “ureshii” news, there is a new member of I’ve, I hope that she has a succesfully carrer from now on!

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