Posted by: 愛撫 | 01/08/08

WHEEL OF FORTUNE short version available for listen… Sort of

Alright, continuing the last post’s trend of dubiously-legal linking, this post lets you listen to a song that maybe probably you shouldn’t be hearing. But that’s OK, Japanese lawyers tend to stay the hell away from American blogs for the most part, so it’s all good.

The upcoming Higurashi live-action movie‘s theme song “WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Unmei no Wa)” (運命の輪, formerly misromanized as ‘Unmei no Rin’) was actually released, albeit in an abbreviated form, as a promotional item back on December 15 – a news item I obviously missed in the blitz of previews leading up to winter Comiket. This promo single had been brought to my attention by none other than loyal reader Fred Itachi, who kindly uploaded the song to his eSnips account for all to hear, and I thought it would only be right to share the love with my readers as well.

Unlike the previous Higurashi themes, however, it is worth noting that Unmei no Wa is actually produced by Kazuya Takase rather than Tomoyuki Nakazawa.



  1. Definitely props for finding that, most of my own *ahem* sources failed to deliver.
    That song sounds awesome and I can’t wait for the full version to come out.

  2. Sounds good so far, but not excellent, but really I should wait till I hear the full version to pass any sound judgment.

  3. Oooh nice, but it reminds me of Evanescence, somehow…

  4. this is the first time that Kazuya Takase composed and arranged for a Higurashi theme which is the most surprising thing. But the beginning of the song is sort of a bit similar to KOTOKO’s Real Onigokko with those heavy electric guitars. Not the most similar to the first two Higurashi themes but at least it was different.

  5. one more thing, to those interested in viewing the images/scans containing in the promo single of WHEEL OF FORTUNE short ver., I uploaded them. Everyone is free to view it but please no direct linking. :)

  6. wow, thanks!! could someone upload the other tracks though? i’m interested in hearing this drama…

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