Posted by: 光星 | 01/09/08

Single for OP and ED for next season of Shana announced

KOTOKO will be doing both the new opening and new ending themes of Shakugan no Shana II, and it has just been announced that the accompanying single will contain the opening “BLAZE”, and the as-yet-unnamed ending theme. The PV to “BLAZE” will go along with the special edition.
According to Neowing, I’ve’s trance style will be dispersed liberally throughout the single, which basically means that we’re looking at KOTOKO’s version of JOINT. Ex-ci-ted!
The single will be released on March 12.



  1. next season??? first time I hear about this!

  2. Well, I guess it isn’t so much a next “season” as just the second half of episodes. I presume that BLAZE will take over as opening at the next newest episode which I believe airs tomorrow (1/10) night.

  3. OK second half, makes sense. Title had me confused. This has got me ex-ci-ted as well, especially since the last few episodes were a total drag to watch. Hopefully this will breathe a bit of new life into the series.

  4. wow maybe that’s the reason why the Shana II didn’t aired for the last 3 weeks. They have been preventing us from hearing the next OP/ED theme hahaha! maybe they’ll be airing it on the 14th episode since Pheles has already arrived to take the Reiji Maigo from Yuji. xD

  5. Well, consider my words eaten.
    I have never been more disappointed to hear JOINT, which in reality means that I am never disappointed to hear JOINT, but I am really looking forward to BLAZE.
    Whenever it comes.
    Upon further review of the Japanese wiki article, “being” wasn’t the opening until the 17th episode, which only means that we know nothing about BLAZE until it happens.

  6. Sounds good, looking forward to it. I’ve always preferred KOTOKO’s Being to Kawada Mami’s Hisoku no Sora in the first season, so this is good news to me, I suppose.

  7. hey DMC, it looks like you’ll be more excited if you’ll know that C.G mix will be the one composing and arranging BLAZE. :D haha!

  8. […] which as mentioned already, contains the newest opening and ending themes to Shakugan no Shana II. Blog link Blog link […]

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