Posted by: 光星 | 01/11/08

More BLAZE info, I’ve does another eroge

(edited 1/12, see following post)
Geneon’s KOTOKO page announced more info on BLAZE, including this little edited tidbit: It is Takase!

Opening to Shakugan no Shana II
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composed: Kazuya Takase
Arranged: Kazuya Takase

That changes expectations entirely, but not the anticipation, even though the last anime theme C.G mix produced was… Chercher. (EDIT: Thank you, Lord DMC. C.G Mix did Shichitenhakki.) I’m assuming this will be much closer to Face of Fact. The site also has released the name of the ending theme, but nothing else. The name is “sociometry” which Wikipedia defines as “a quantitative method for measuring social relationships.”
Wouldn’t that be more appropriate for a dating sim?
Anyway, just-announced eroge “Furifuri” says that I’ve is producing their theme song(s). No exact release date nor exact music info is available.



  1. haha “sociometry” sounds a little odd for a title of ending theme but the meaning sure relates on the anime. I’m having a premonition Takase will be composing and arranging this song. I seldomly see Nakazawa-composed songs for KOTOKO (the last single that Nakazawa composed a song for KOTOKO was… 421 -a will- if I remember correctly).

  2. The last anime theme C.G mix produced wasn’t Chercher, it was Shichitenhakki. Remember?

  3. oh yes recently Shichiten was his work, and the arrangements for “rush” (the B-side to Kirei na Senritsu single) and “Naki Takattanda” (B-side of Hayate no Gotoku!). But his greatest work for KOTOKO this year is definitely Shichitenhakki.

  4. oh my god !! it was probably a mistype in Kotoko’s Geneon website… but Kazuya Takase will be producing and arranging BLAZE… >__<

  5. LORD DMC!!

    On a serious note, if Mix is doing Blaze, I hope it doesn’t turn out like Shichitenhakki. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, but I can’t imagine a song like that being used for Shana’s OP.

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