Posted by: 光星 | 01/12/08

Corrected BLAZE info

Turns out Geneon didn’t fact-check their sources when they said that C.G Mix was going to arrange BLAZE.
Geneon fixed the page, now crediting Kazuya Takase for the opening theme.
Amazon Japan credits C.G Mix for composing and arranging “sociometry” so Geneon may have just switched the credits around. Who knows? In my opinion, C.G Mix was better for the ending anyway.

Terios’ site for their upcoming fan-club only eroge “Niidzuma wa mahou shoujo” (NSFW!) contains all sorts of nice pictures and such, as well as credits for… um…

Vocalist: Outer
Composed: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arranged: Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Takeshi Ozaki

Unlike BLAZE’s shrouded secrets, we know when we’ll get to hear the short version for this: January 19.



  1. […] March 12 KOTOKO’s 11th single BLAZE is released, which as mentioned already, contains the newest opening and ending themes to Shakugan no Shana II. Blog link Blog link 2 […]

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