Posted by: 光星 | 01/15/08

Hikaruhoshi says “Hi”

As you may have noticed, aibu isn’t the only one making posts to this blog, and I would like to introduce myself.
I’m hikaruhoshi, currently a college student from Madison, Wisconsin in the United States, and I will be primarily a newsmonger for this blog. Reasons for leaving my informal head position at the I’ve Sound Community at Livejournal. will be posted there eventually. Short version is: I’d rather just stick to news and shoddy translations than try to do that and post witty and well-written reviews. That and wordpress >>> LJasaurus
As for myself, I’ve been a fan of I’ve since 2002, back in the days when I’d download crappy Weiss Kreuz character songs from MP3 rotation sites just to get my Japanese music fix. You see, back in my day, we didn’t have bittorrent, or soulseek, or even youtube, we … [rambling about walking 15 feet in the snow uphill just to get to a 1200 baud modem to download midi files from text-based eroge] … and we liked it! Anyway, the song that got me hooked for good was “Shooting Star” and from that comes my name. Other favorite songs include chi ni kaeru ~on the earth~, Namida no Chikai, Abyss, went away, Collective, You’re My Treasure, JOINT, sora no mahoroba, See You P.V version, but my biggest favorite at the moment has to be sora yori chikai yume second track. As you can see, I like pretty much any of the I’ve styles as long as it’s not boring.
I’m majoring in meteorology and mathematics right now, which explains why the study abroad programs didn’t think I would gain anything academically from sending me to Japan. I like to travel and love to read travel narratives, the more exotic the better. Along that line, my favorite book is Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild,” though I haven’t seen the movie yet. I don’t watch much TV, nor do I see many movies. Apart from I’ve, I like to listen to classic rock, and occasionally various forms of metal, depending on the mood. This past summer, I got a PS2 in order to play Guitar Hero, but ended up rediscovering JRPGs. I’m currently playing Dragon Quest VIII and Ar Tonelico, and I have Final Fantasy XII queued up whenever I get bored of the other two. I expect that to happen sometime around June.
So, yeah. You’ll see more of me in the coming weeks as I’ve undoubtedly will make more and more singles, hopefully an album, and perhaps even a legitimate concert here in America. Who knows? All I know right now is that A-Kon will have a major guest announcement on Thursday at 8PM Central Standard Time (GMT 0200). KOTOKO went there in 2006, MELL was there last year, but with Geneon’s American shop boarded up, who is to say whether I’ve will even bother coming? Stay tuned.



  1. Cool, the PS2 is a haven for RPG indeed, bit odd you didn’t find out about it for so long. And I’m pushing for KOTOKO to come back to AnimeNorth ;)

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