Posted by: 愛撫 | 01/17/08

Second albums for Eiko and Mami on their way!

Hot off the presses… Full-length albums for both Mami Kawada and Eiko Shimamiya are set to be released this year, with release dates of March 26 (Mami) and April 2 (Eiko). Beyond the fact that each album will be released in both regular and special editions (the special edition coming with a DVD as per usual) and that the alternate versions will cost 3,000 and 3,500 yen each respectively, not much is known at this time. But rest assured, both Hikaruhoshi and I will be doing our very best to make sure nothing about these two new releases goes unreported.

(Further note: while Eiko’s had a good number of album releases in the past, this new one is technically only her second full-length, hence this post’s title.)



  1. Really, REALLY hot. I’ve never disliked a single Eiko/PEKO song. Please keep us posted on this, as I will probably forget.

  2. omgomgomgomgomg
    This is awesome beyond awesome. Why did I have to work for so long today?
    Oh wait. I have to work in order to be able to buy these. Decent trade off.
    CDJapan/Neowing says that indeed both are full length (11-12 song) albums.
    JOINT and Naraku no Hana are confirmed for Mami’s and Eiko’s albums respectively.
    It also says that the PV that comes with the limited edition of both albums is a brand new song, though I wouldn’t rule out a Naraku no Hana PV just yet. Mami’s PV DVD will also include a documentary from her concert in Taiwan.
    The first pressings of Mami’s album will have a CD-sized photo booklet.
    No word yet on if Eiko’s album has any first pressing goodies like the clear files that came with Endless Loop and O.
    KOTOKO’s single on the 12th, Mami’s album on the 26th, Eiko’s album a week later. I can’t wait!

  3. This is AWESOME news. Will be anticipating Eiko’s the most, since there was only one single released from her from last year if I’m not mistaken.

  4. wow that is some big news but I will be looking forward more on Kotoko and Mami’s single and album release (respectively). Hey any news about the release date of WHEEL OF FORTUNE? Or is it included in Eiko’s 2nd album? And Diorama as well?

  5. Yes new Kawada Mami album! I was wondering how long that would take, but looks like I didn’t have to wait that long after all =P

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