Posted by: 光星 | 01/18/08

Yotsunoha single info?

Neowing is taking pre-orders for the Yotsunoha OP/ED single, but there is no mention of I’ve sound for the single itself.
However, Neowing does mention that the full set of proofs of purchase from both DVD volumes, the OP/ED single and the forthcoming OST can be redeemed for a CD with an image song which is a collaboration with I’ve Sound.
The producers of Yotsunoha don’t seem to understand that a lot of I’ve Sound otaku don’t really give a damn about every single anime/eroge that I’ve Sound has done business with and putting I’ve in charge of the OP/ED is going to earn a lot more profit than the smaller subset of I’ve fans that would have bought the Yotsunoha collection anyway. With two big I’ve albums coming out in the following weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yotsunoha flies under the radar of I’ve fans.
For that matter, neither Neowing nor the OVA’s official site give any credits for the OP/ED themes themselves.



  1. The distribution model for that ‘image album’ is ridiculous. I mean, at least with cereal-box premiums people actually wanted the cereal… Oh, and it didn’t end up costing them well over $100 just to get one CD which likely only has 1 or 2 tracks on it.

  2. ridiculous indeed. they could’ve included the image song in the ost or op/ed single or released separate singles for the theme songs and stuck it on Chata’s single (she deserves one of her own!)…
    according to amazon japan the image song is only a vocal version of a bgm track, so i don’t expect anything spectacular. still, I’ve and Chata…. *_*

  3. […] February 29 Eroge-based anime OVA Yotsunoha (よつのは) is released, along with a single that is looking less and less likely to be directly I’ve related, but considering the dearth of information regarding anything about the anime itself, it might eventually be worth paying attention to. Might. Blog link […]

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