Posted by: 光星 | 01/20/08

Ki no me kaze single pre-order up and first glimpse of IKU

My good friends over at the ive_sound Livejournal community have discovered that CDJapan/Neowing has started pre-orders for the single to the fourth Hayate no Gotoku ending, “Ki no me kaze.”
Neowing has quite a bit of info on IKU for an intro blurb.
According to my (very) rough translation, it seems that she attracted the attention of Kazuya Takase himself from the strength of her soft and flowing vocal style. At least that’s what the translation seems to say. The coupling song for the single is the March theme for the J-POP themed television show プリン・ス (“Purin * Su,”) which appears to be produced by avex, or at the very least, uses their studios.
CDJapan/Neowing also shows a poor-quality photo of IKU, who seems to have a touch of Kaori in her, though I think it’s because of the hair. It appears that this single will not have a limited edition, so no PV at this point.
The release date is currently March 19th, which slips in nicely between KOTOKO’s “Blaze” single and Mami and Eiko’s two albums.



  1. she has curly hair but I can’t see her face. *is blind* single cover is so damn simple.

    that is weird. Prin*su was produced by avex but Geneon artists are performing the theme songs. If I’m not mistaken, IKU’s coupling song will be the 3rd theme song for Prin*su because Sachi Tainaka (a singer from Sistus Records, which is a subsidiary of Geneon) was the one who performed the first two theme songs.

  2. is it just me, or was I’ve Sound’s members mass-tapped for Hayate no Gotoku? there aren’t any non-I’ve songs in that series…

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