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I’ve Sound Calendar: Spring 2008

(Aibu note: Hikaruhoshi suggested a change to a seasonal format for the I’ve Sound Calendar posts, so in addition to being written by Hikaruhoshi rather than I, this is what calendar posts are going to look like from now on. Hope you like it!)

What a whirlwind of news these past couple of weeks! In an attempt to organize everything into one post, here’s the I’ve Sound Calendar for the foreseeable future, with links to their respective blog posts, if applicable.
Note that any information is as current as the time it was posted, and changes can easily happen.

January 25
(Link NSFW) New eroge PRISM ARK Love² MAXIMUM! (プリズム・アーク らぶらぶマキシマム) released. KOTOKO’s contribution is “Ketsudan no entrance” (決断のentrance) whose full version was sold at Comiket 73.

Sometime in the next few weeks, hopefully
“BLAZE” will become the next opening theme to Shakugan no Shana II (灼眼のシャナII) and “sociometry” will become the next ending theme.

February 29
Colourful Wish (カラフルウィッシュ), the third installment in Giga’s ‘Colourful’ eroge series is released. KOTOKO sings the theme “I need magic ~Kaikenai Magi☆Kyun♪~” (~解けないマジ☆キュン♪~) , which promises to be a joy for all those interested in denpa and very fast talking.
Blog link

February 29
Eroge-based anime OVA Yotsunoha (よつのは) is released, along with a single that is looking less and less likely to be directly I’ve related, but considering the dearth of information regarding anything about the anime itself, it might eventually be worth paying attention to. Might.
Blog link

March 12
KOTOKO’s 11th single BLAZE is released, which as mentioned already, contains the newest opening and ending themes to Shakugan no Shana II.
Blog link
Blog link 2

March 19
Newest I’ve member IKU releases her debut single “Ki no me kaze” (木の芽風) which contains the fourth ending theme to Hayate no Gotoku and an as-yet unnamed theme to the J-POP program “Prin*su.” (プリン・ス)
Blog link
Blog link 2

March 26
Mami Kawada releases her second album featuring JOINT, the leading vote-getter of I’ve Sound Explorer’s year end poll.
Blog link

March 27
The PS2 version of the eroge Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de ~Oshie Nitsuki~ (君が主で執事が俺で ~お仕え日記~) releases, the theme of which is “Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku” (常識!バトラー行進曲), sung by KOTOKO. (Hikaruhoshi note: I vote that it’s “butler” as opposed to “battler” given the service-oriented setting. That, and that’s what my dictionary tells me it is.) (Aibu note: I disagree with Hikaruhoshi and will insist that it’s ‘battler’ until I see an official romanization. Which is unlikely to ever happen.)
Blog link
Blog link 2

April 2
Eiko Shimamiya releases her second full-length album featuring the amazing “Naraku no Hana.” (奈落の花)
Blog link

Spring 2008
The live-action Higurashi movie premieres, with Eiko Shimamiya contributing to the opening and ending themes, WHEEL of FORTUNE (Unmei no Wa) (運命の輪) and Diorama (ディオラマ) respectively. One would expect a single to come out of this as well.

Sometime in early 2008, release date to be announced
I’ve will be contributing to the following eroge, links to which are not likely work safe:
Niizumi wa Mahou Shoujo (新妻は魔法少女), an exclusive eroge from Terios that is filled with Ha!!!ppiness, Outer, and a wife that happens to be a magical girl.
Tsuyokiss 2-Gakki (つよきす2学期), an eroge from Candy Soft that is the sequel to an eroge that spawned a TV anime. So far, we know KOTOKO sings the theme.
Furifuri (ふりフリ), unbelievably long full title “Furifuri ~Futsuu no Mainichi ni Warikon de Kita, Fushigi na Rinjintachi no Ohanashi Ohanashi” (ふりフリ ~ふつうのまいにちにわりこんできた、フシギなリンジンたちのおはなしおはなし~), an eroge from 130cm.
Chichi Fechi (乳フェチ), an eroge from new brand Milk Pai that is quite self-explanatory and contains BGM from I’ve.



  1. now that’s a lot of promotions, I guess. But Kotoko’s still have the upper hand, I should say. And Mell’s not getting promotions lately. :(

  2. wow, that’s a lot of stuff to look forward to. thanks for your hard work.

  3. @DMC> “バトラー” is really butler. I tried translating it using Google Translation… besides the setting of the website is a wee bit similar from Hayate no Gotoku…

  4. As I said, it’ll be ‘Battler’ to me until I see something official from Minato Station with it written as ‘Butler’. And besides, MOSAIC.WAV’s “Akibattler” was writen with those exact same katakana and you don’t hear anyone saying it needs to be pronounced ‘butler’.

  5. Battler.

  6. It’s good to know that Eiko and Mami both will have their second album :), I’m happy about the new member IKU:) ; but what happen with Mell and Kaori?:(

  7. Thanks for your dedication, news, reviews and all. All I’ve gaijin fans unite \o/ … I hope this will be a year of albums.
    I have a question, is IKU really a new member or just a collaborative one for that song?

  8. Nobody really knows whether IKU is a new member or not, but I’m inclined to say Ki no Me Kaze is most likely a one-off like Little Busters! was last year. After all, the B-side to the KnMK single isn’t produced by I’ve but rather Avex (Geneon’s main rival), and it seems unlikely an Avex artist would be defecting over to the far-less-profitable Geneon camp.

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