Posted by: 愛撫 | 01/21/08

Surprise KOTOKO! Tsuyokiss 2 opening movie up

Well, I have to admit this one was more than a little bit sudden… Instead of messing around with the usual teaser announcements, Candy Soft (きゃんでぃそふと) decided to go for the ‘surprise KOTOKO’ attack route with the promotion for their new eroge Tsuyokiss 2-Gakki (つよきす2学期). The opening movie featured on the game’s site is pretty much devoid of credits far as the song goes, but the vocalist is unmistakably KOTOKO. More info as this one develops, and let it be said at this point that this as-yet-untitled Tsuyokiss 2 OP kicks the living shit out of KOTOKO’s boring-by-comparison theme for the first Tsuyokiss, ‘Mighty Heart’.



  1. I’m having a hunch, Maiko Iuchi will be composing and arranging this one knowing “Mighty Heart” and “open” are both composed and arranged by her but who knows? :D

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