Posted by: 愛撫 | 01/25/08

Tsuyokiss 2-Gakki opening barrage: lyrics, mp3 and full credits

Remember that Tsuyokiss 2-Gakki (つよきす2学期) opening video from a few days back? The one without a title or any credits? Well, you can now have the song, which we now know is called “Swift Love ~Kenzen Genshi ni Mono Moushi!” (Swift Love~健全男子にモノ申す~), in mp3 form, read the lyrics (if you know Japanese, at least) and know that it’s composed and arranged by none other than Maiko Iuchi – all right here. You can also find short versions of past Candy Soft theme songs “Nee, …Shiyou yo!” (ねぇ、…しようよ!, at the very bottom of the page) and “Mighty Heart ~Aru Hi no Kenka, Itsumo no Koigokoro~” (Mighty Heart~ある日のケンカ、いつもの恋心~, just above it) at that page, so in case you missed out on either of those the first time around this would be a good opportunity to grab ’em.



  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!! *lol’d* I thought so! The composer/arranger for this one will be Maiko. xD It is indeed no surprise since she did compose/arrange for all Tsuyokiss theme songs “open” & “Mighty Heart” and now this! ahahah!

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