Posted by: 光星 | 02/01/08

BLAZE and Sociometry TV versions finally released!

Thanks to ReSublimity, whose comment in the previous post tipped it off.
Youtube links, while they’re still up:
BLAZE (Shakugan no Shana II second intro)
sociometry (Shakugan no Shana II second outro)
My impressions (and I would anticipate aibu giving his as well):
BLAZE sounds very… childish? It’s nowhere as forceful or as driving as JOINT, and while I realize it’s hard to properly replace JOINT, I think I’m going to like this song a lot, just not in the same way.
As for sociometry, it doesn’t really sound like an outro, honestly. The structure and the character sounds a lot better suited to an intro, just with the intensity a bit dialed down. I love the first part of it, too bad that style doesn’t seem to carry over to the rest of the song.



  1. 決断のentrance – [1.16 – 1.18]

    Sociometry – [0.52 – 0.54]

    I have posted this in another chinese forum, that’s the similarity between the two songs.

  2. I was shocked at BLAZE, I thought it would be much like JOINT, somewhat powerful.

  3. I actually am looking forward to Blaze. I haven’t seen the actual Shakugan no Shana anime at all so i can do an objective opinion based on just for the songs, Blaze and JOINT. Perhaps you and others are already “got used to JOINT” and you feel like the way you feel now. I remember also getting that feeling sometimes when i watch anime and it goes to season 2 and everything familiar changes. You don’t know what to expect

    Both of these songs are of course from I’ve Sound but the creators are different. JOINT is by Kawada Mami & Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Blaze is by KOTOKO & Kazuya Takase so the starting point is totally different and style too. I’d say that i like Blaze more as it sounds the same way as i heard I’ve sound for the first time – awesome and more not-so-rock’ish. Blaze really hit me hard, i have had it pre-ordered already somewhat 2 weeks and now i’m sure when i heard this that the money does not go into waste as it never has when we are talking about I’ve Sound!

    Don’t get me wrong, i like all the I’ve artists & composers, Takase, Nakazawa and C.G.MIX. All of them have done some awesome songs but from the singers, basically KOTOKO & Kawada Mami the most over Kaori, EIKO and MELL. I just thing Blaze wins JOINT, this time :-)

  4. I’ve to get used to the songs but I’m liking sociometry & I think I might like a lot once I’ve done repeated listening. Is it me or does it sound a bit like ketsudan no entrance ni some parts? (Especially the chorus.)

  5. @Naddie>> Yes. You got it right. sociometry does sound familiar with ketsudan no entrance combined with C.G mix’s very own “Crazy For You -80’s Burst Mix-“.

    @ics>> well that’s okay. You have a point. But everyone has their own preferences. Like me, yes JOINT is still much powerful than Blaze. I was very shocked as well because I was expecting more to Blaze. I thought it would be an epic win just like her very own “Re-sublimity” (since the composer & arranger is Kazuya Takase as well) or even “being” but it’s really different (which I can’t explain) and it has disappointed me a bit especially the entrance but the chorus is great. I’m liking Blaze slowly but definitely it’s not going to be my favorite Kotoko song.

  6. […] Shakugan no Shana II theme songs “BLAZE” and “Sociometry” (both linked to here), and not being one to disappoint my readers (what few of them I have), here […]

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