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Plenty more IKU info from Amazon Japan has almost everything you need to know about IKU and her debut single.*
First, the full name of the single is “音のない夜空に/木の芽風” which means that her contribution to Hayate no Gotoku! is actually the b-side of the single.
Next, we have an actual cover picture as well as an additional photo of IKU herself. Apart from fashionably warm boots and the large leaf, there is romaji of the title which reads “oto no nai yozora ni / ko no me kaze.” Yes, that is the proper reading. “木の芽” according to my JWPce dictionary reads as “このめ” with definition “(n) bud of Japanese pepper tree (Xanthoxylum piperitum), leaf bud.” So there you go: “Leaf bud wind,” which kind of goes along with the cover art. “Oto no nai yozora ni” roughly means “In the silent night sky,” and I’m 99% certain that it’s the opening theme to “プリン・ス.” Yes, Geneon seems to be releasing a CD for an avex property, we’ll see how that’s taken care of. The credits for this song haven’t been released yet, so for all we know it might not even be I’ve. Stay tuned.
In addition to the same blurb that Neowing posted some time ago, Amazon gives more info on IKU herself:
(caution: rough translation)
“From the age of five, she has played the electric organ and in sixth grade (sixth year of primary school) won the All-Hokkaido tournament. Continuing from her early years, she entered a wind ensemble and thus has experience in many instruments. This was the foundation of her music. Forming a band in senior high, she discovered how much fun it is to be a singer. Then in university, she became aware of her professional skills. While at a vocal school, she revived her skills in piano performance, and around 2006 started to produce her own cover songs, providing the vocals at live performances. This caught the attention of Kazuya Takase, the Sapporo-based producer who has made many hit songs, and so she made a demo tape.
This song to promote the popular TV anime “Hayate no Gotoku!” will therefore be her major debut.”
She sure seems to have enough talent, and though “ko no me kaze” isn’t all that strong of a debut, recall that most I’ve vocal-himes hadn’t fully refined their skills until after a few releases. Sora wo tobetara, anyone? Playing teacher’s pet to Shimamiya-sensei** doesn’t hurt a bit, either.
“oto no nai yozora ni / ko no me kaze” releases on March 19.

* If that behemoth of a link doesn’t work, do a search on Amazon for “GNCL-29” and the title should pop up.
** I know it hasn’t been confirmed, and probably won’t be confirmed, but to me it’s blatantly obvious.



  1. Really interesting. Avex, Geneon and Takase himself are all in for her debut, that’s really something.
    But “ko no me kaze” is just a boring j-pop song now. Maybe it’ll grow on me later.
    And I think it’s a double A-side single if both songs are listed on the cover, right?

    Btw, isn’t “iku” like “I’m c**ming” IIRC… D:
    Okay, it should be “Let’s go”, I know XP

  2. I hope oto no nai yozora ni is an I’ve song. I’ve honestly needs new singers to keep it running. I can see Kaori leaving soon.

  3. Skan: No need to censor “cumming” – I understand the desire for politeness, but it’s somewhat misguided in a blog with frequent profanity and links to eroge websites in almost every post. However, it’s usually “kita” that’s used when a guy or a girl is announcing that they’re in the process of an orgasm… Don’t think “iku” is ever really used in that context, but I might be wrong.

    Same: Pretty sure that Oto no Nai isn’t I’ve. I might be wrong, but I think that if the A-side had anything to do with Takase & co. we would’ve heard of it before now.

  4. @aibu: A friend taught me many years ago that in Janne Da Arc’s song Dry? “Ikasete” is the equivalent to the imperative form of “to cum.” That and my dictionary says that it’s a colloquial form of “to orgasm.” Then again, I’ve never been one to pay attention to the language while watching hentai…

    I have a feeling “oto no nai ni…” is at least arranged by Kazuya Takase, if only because the promo blurb seems to emphasize his contribution to the single. I could very well be wrong, of course.

  5. I’m thinking IKU is only a guest singer of the I’ve Sound (or am I not correct?) from what I understand to the website that I gave DMC. I still haven’t seen a Geneon website of IKU nor her songs were in the database. (Whether you believe it or not, WHEEL OF FORTUNE is already in their database and yet it still unclear if it will be released on a single or album and it even doesn’t have a release date on it)

  6. @kousei, aibu, and Skan (and anyone else!): “iku” does mean “I’m cumming.” as in an orgasm. It IS a thing to say…during sex…and it does mean “to go” or “I’m going.” or “I’m coming.” as in “Hey, dinner’s ready!” then “今行く” (ima iku). I’ve tried this on friends and such. Also, I got the last from “義母” (AKA “Stepmother’s Sin”) I mean you cannot ALWAYS rely on Japanese animation….

    (^ Japanese major/translator, interpreter on medical leave…but still knows her eroge)

  7. Actually, it’s funny… Just after I said that “iku” couldn’t be used in that context, I was reading an ero-doujin in which a big huge katakana IKUUUUUUUUU was used to show just that – lawl.

  8. “I’m thinking IKU is only a guest singer of the I’ve Sound ”

    i have the same opinion with you, fred. even in her 2nd single Rimless, the b-side is her own composed song. CMIIW

  9. Barring a visit to Budokan, she’s not even a guest of I’ve Sound. Her official (Geneon) website doesn’t mention I’ve, but it seems like Geneon won’t forget her for the time being. She also did a short free live show, so who knows what will happen.

  10. Can someone explain to me what “CMIIW” means? Yuki88’s use of the abbreviation mystifies me.

  11. correct me if i’m wrong

  12. hahahaha ^^…

    that abbreviation seems very funny in spanish language, thank you for your info kieyuku

  13. ^^;; ahh sory if u dont know what CMIIW is =.=;;

    “This caught the attention of Kazuya Takase, the Sapporo-based producer who has made many hit songs, and so she made a demo tape.”

    so why didnt he bring IKU to I’ve ?? -_-a
    i mean IKU is quite good, although her voice character is more pop style and i dont think she would be fit singing trance ^^;;

  14. Yeah, totally agree.

    Let’s set up a petition online. xD

  15. it’s hard to say kieyuku..

    no matter what, IKU is already GENEON’s artist isn’t she ??
    she can only be I’ve guest artist at the very least…

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