Posted by: 愛撫 | 02/03/08

Blog renovations in progress

As many of you have likely noticed over time, my I’ve Data File articles were pretty simple and uninformative. I tried to get as much information I could before writing them, but at the time information was scarce and I didn’t have Hikaruhoshi as my brilliant writing assistant, so the results were frequently less than optimal. In addition, each post had cumbersome ‘discography’ section which provided no real information aside from names which you guys all probably knew already. But no more shall this be a problem! In preparation for I’ve Data File 06, I’m re-writing all of the data files to contain more information (and correct information, which was occasionally somewhat lacking in the early versions), and while the rest are still to be re-written you can catch a glimpse of what is to come with my redone KOTOKO file right here.



  1. have you considered just moving all of your nice information from a blog format to a wiki? anyway, way to go with the rewrite. KOTOKO has done so much in such a short time, I am amazed. I just think some additional information about her Short Circuit participation (and possibly real onigokko) would be nice. Lastly, have you heard any rumors about a possible return to north american conventions in 2008?

  2. Actually, aibu has mentioned the idea of a wiki to me, it’s just inputting the info for several hundred I’ve songs is quite a daunting task. But I guess that’s why a wiki would work.
    I don’t think there’s much to say about Short Circuit apart from its focus on denpa, the replacement of AKI with Kaori, and the title track.
    As for I’ve in North America, I would really hope for it to happen, and as soon as any rumors come up, I’ll let everyone know.
    A-KON, the convention where MELL went last year and KOTOKO the year before, has not yet announced their Saturday night musical performers. They have announced Budo Grape (kooky J-Pop) and Versailles (Vis-kei) for Friday night. Last year they had MELL, ketchup mania (kooky J-Pop) and An Cafe (Vis-kei), the year before was KOTOKO, Kristine Sa and penicillin nano.
    Despite landing both a big Vis-Kei band and Shinichi Watanabe, I think they can wrangle in one more big Japanese guest for Saturday night.
    The problem I see is that when KOTOKO and MELL came over, they were both with Geneon and pretty much sold product. Geneon has no financial reason to send them to Texas except if A-KON pays them a lot more. Of course, it’s all just my speculation.
    Long comment short, I’d watch this blog, because when it happens, you’ll know.

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