Posted by: 光星 | 02/04/08

Mami’s Second Album also has a title

It is: SAVIA, which honestly sounds like a government project; like SAVIA: Slightly Audio-Visual International Assembly, or SAVIA: Sex And Violence In America.
Wikipedia says it’s some sort of plant genus or maybe a Spanish rock band. Who knows at this point. Feel free to make up your own acronyms in the comments.



  1. My friend and I both think it’s SAVIA as in the plant genus. A SEED may grow into a SAVIA. Get it?

  2. haha, I like Same’s comment

    Personally, I think SAVIA sounds like the name of some Brazilian sauce, but that’s just me.

    I’m looking forward to her non-single tracks :)

    Doesn’t this album only have the singles Get my way! and JOINT?

  3. @Yoruko: The album will also likely have at least one of Akai namida or Beehive.

    I agree with the SEED -> SAVIA idea, though I wish I’ve would use some more common plant names.

  4. yes that’s what I’m thinking as well. It must be connected to plants. Oh man, Mami really do love plants. But at least the title is somewhat “rarely used” and much more appealing rather than for example “Ai no Uta” title for an album which has been considered a cliche already because many J-pop artists already used it for either single or album title.

    And yes I am looking forward to her non-single tracks. And for the SAVIA song and PV if it will have.

  5. Looks like SEED -> SAVIA is right, since Eiko’s “nadeshiko” is also a plant ( Wild carnation, that is. However, nadeshiko is common in Japan while savia is never heard of, I think. Then I’m not too optimistic about the so-called “non-single” tracks in Eiko’s album. She might just try to squeeze in old songs like she did with her previous album “O”.

  6. Common names for songs are overrated. I once wrote a song called “Odonata” and none of my friends knew what it was. Some still don’t.

  7. @Skan>> yes I’m going to expect that on Eiko’s upcoming album. Either repetition of her old songs or remix of an older song (just like “Ginga no Ko” on her “Ozone” EP and “Kyuudou no Hito -Remix-” which was originally on her “Endless Loop” EP)

    I’m assuming Tomoyuki Nakazawa will have a bigger contribution on this album like in Mami’s previous album “SEED”.

  8. I read it as SALIVA. I laughed for like a good three minutes before I read what it actually said.

  9. Couldn’t they have used a better-sounding plant name?

  10. Well, I’ve has a history of naming things after really weird plants – senecio, meconopsis, stokesia and nadeshiko (to bring Eiko’s new one into the mix) are the ones that instantly come to mind, but I’m sure there are more of them.

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