Posted by: 光星 | 02/15/08

Bits and pieces…

Geneon’s KOTOKO Page is updated with new top banner and the jacket for BLAZE, which will fit right in with Mami and MELL’s recent “I’ve Girls in hats” phase.
UPDATE: (not worth a new post) There is also an audio preview where the PV preview should be. Nothing but the chorus, unfortunately, which is sounding more and more like the chorus to “kicks!”.

After months of just a teaser image and staff credits the site for the Yotsunoha OVA page finally contains useful info, most notably previews of the opening and ending themes, and while they are still not credited, neither of them are likely I’ve. CDJapan claims that KOTOKO is doing a song for the OST, but this humble gaijin is pretty sure that CDJapan just messed up the translation.

And coinciding with the release of the third game in the Colorful series –Colorful Wish- web-giga is releasing a CD Box featuring music from each of the Colorful games including full versions and karaoke of their respective denpastic themes.



  1. Doesn’t look too much like KOTOKO!

  2. Heh, she’s beautiful :)

  3. Isn’t she? I had always thought I’d prefer her more unconventional wardrobe, a la Hane and Garasu no Kaze, but her photos for Chercher changed all that, though I did think that PV was a bit tacky for her.
    We’ll see if the BLAZE PV is the same KOTOKO that is currently on the site. I wouldn’t mind.

  4. 18 days left.

    No PVs available still..

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