Posted by: 光星 | 02/23/08

FuriFuri eroge theme revealed, try to make sense of this title

130cm eroge “ふりフリ ~ふつうのまいにちにわりこんできた、フシギなリンジンたちのおはなしおはなし~” or FuriFuri for short, has revamped its website (NSFW) and by doing so, revealed that KOTOKO is doing the theme with the following song:
Stars Biscuit
Vocalist: KOTOKO
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composed and Arranged: Maiko Iuchi

I’m still not sure whether that makes more sense with or without an apostrophe. Anyway, the game comes out sometime this summer, and demo versions are sure to arrive sooner than that.

Also, catching up on older news, Mami’s upcoming album, SAVIA now has cover art, which explains nothing about the name, but nevertheless keeps with southwestern flavor of SEED.



  1. wow Maiko stands out recently when it comes to eroge no? btw, the theme song for KimiAru still doesn’t have a preview right?

  2. No preview yet. Though with less than 30 days until its release, it should be coming soon.

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