Posted by: 光星 | 02/25/08

Preview for BLAZE PV available

Geneon’s KOTOKO page has quite possibly the smallest (166 x 78) preview ever, though a few things can be made out, in particular a bespectacled KOTOKO which in this newsmonger’s eyes is a very, very good thing. Too bad her outfit or the elaborate podium she stands behind are nearly impossible to make out, glasses or no. We’ll see for sure in three weeks when the single and its PV are released, hopefully in a bit higher definition.



  1. Speaking of BLAZE, there’s a rumour saying that the full version is leaked.

    Radio .ver? Hmm.

  2. You’re good at this! Nicovideo has it up for the time being. I believe she played it on her radio show back on the 9th.

  3. One thing I would like to say… Who’s paying the director/producer/editor of this music video? This is another one of the worst music video’s of KOTOKO that I’ve seen. Its quite disappointing that her PV’s are getting worst every single time she releases a single. Where’s the Re-Sublimity action?!?!?!

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