Posted by: 光星 | 02/26/08

Mami releases own PV preview, KOTOKO fights back with full BLAZE

Geneon’s Mami Kawada site has updated the top banner from its formerly awkward picture to something a bit more alluring. Even better, there is a preview of the PV to come with her upcoming album SAVIA, the title of which is portamento. My guess is that Takase arranged it, but I don’t know for certain.
It might just be the sleep deprivation talking, but her PV song looks and sounds just so much more beautiful than the great but enigmatic BLAZE PV. Looking forward to the album even more!

BLAZE EDIT: Re-sublimity (thanks again!) hinted that the full version of BLAZE was available and sure enough, someone ripped it off KOTOKO’s radio show and posted it on Nicovideo. Never mind the babbling, the song sounds fairly awesome.



  1. “BLAZE full version up, song frankly uninteresting”

    I had thought that hearing the full version of BLAZE might change my mind about the song, but it didn’t really – after the first chorus it’s just more of the same, and the same really wasn’t all that great. Also, I acknowledge it was probably unavoidable but I really could’ve done without her radio intro in the Nicovideo clip.

    As for portamento, I’ll wait until we’ve heard the full version to make any solid judgment but let’s just say I’m not expecting a song I’m going to remember at the end of the year. Or the end of March.

  2. If you want to hear the full version without KOTOKO babbling in the background… Here’s a link…
    Its the second video.

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