Posted by: 愛撫 | 03/07/08

SAVIA tracklisting up!

Well, it was only a matter of time… SAVIA’s full tracklisting has been released, and unsurprisingly (yet not disappointingly in the slightest), pretty much the entirety of her recent single tracks (with the exception of Get my way!’s uneven B-side Aozora to Taiyou) have made it on to the album. But let’s check out the full list, and let the speculations as to their content begin!

1. energy flow*
3. Beehive -album edit-
5. 赤い涙 (Akai Namida)
6. triangle
7. sense*
9. intron tone*
10. 翡翠 -HISUI-*
11. 最後の約束 (Saigo no Yakusoku)*
12. Get my way!
13. portamento*

(* indicates a new song)

Interestingly enough, amongst the tracklisting are two previously-unreleased songs related to outside properties – HISUI is the theme song for upcoming live-action film Onee-chan Bara THE MOVIE (why we’d never heard anything about this one up until now I do not know), and ‘sense’ is the last insert song from Shakugan no Shana II.

And in case anyone forgot, the album drops on March 26th.



  1. The tracklist looks pretty good, especially with the remix of Beehive, which I always thought was just a bit more effort away from being spectacular, or at the very least, memorable.
    The Onee-chan Bara movie looks like it is based off a series of budget-priced PS2 games that turned into regular-priced X360 and Wii games. The games consist of sexy girls hacking and slashing through various monsters and zombies while keeping the copious amounts of blood and guts off of their outfits. I would expect more of the same from the movie itself. More on the games (including gameplay movies) can be found at

  2. wow, at last, the full tracklist is now available. XD And I’d say Mami has the most connections for Shakugan no Shana (well since I think it’s the anime that made her known at least to SnS fans and her successful singles are used by this anime series at the same time). And wow (for the second time), I thought she will only have 11-12 songs but it has now 13 songs! Amazing! It looks pretty good! ^_^

    I’m having a feeling that the first track “energy flow” will be some kind of introduction to the album just like her previous first track “roots” in her debut album.

  3. Truth is, I don’t like her previous album.
    It’s funny how this album is so full of anime songs XD flow 作曲・編曲:中沢伴行・尾崎武士(インスト)
    4.TRILL 作詞:川田まみ 作曲・編曲:高瀬一矢
    7.sense 作詞:川田まみ 作曲:中沢伴行 編曲:中沢伴行・尾崎武士
    8.DREAM 作詞:川田まみ 作曲・編曲:井内舞子
    9.intron tone 作詞:川田まみ 作曲:高瀬一矢 編曲:TAKANAKAZAKI
    10.翡翠 -HISUI- 作詞:川田まみ 作曲:C.G mix 編曲:C.G mix・尾崎武士
    11.最後の約束 作詞:川田まみ 作曲・編曲:井内舞子
    13.portamento 作詞:川田まみ 作曲:中沢伴行 編曲:中沢伴行・尾崎武士

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