Posted by: 光星 | 03/09/08

Purin*su: KOTOKO does promo for sweets, IKU PV previewed?! Battling Butler short also up (sorta)

Fair warning, this TV rip is rather poor.
This looks like a segment within プリン・ス called “Dolce: Happy Sweet Talk Bar” where a guest artist comes in, fawns over some sort of candy and talks about their newest release. This week on Dolce is KOTOKO, promoting BLAZE and eating “Wonderful Delicious Golden Special.” But you didn’t watch this to hear KOTOKO say “ah, oishii desu sugoi” right? Later in the clip they show part of the BLAZE PV, but that’ll be finally released within the next day or two. (CDJapan already has it on hand, to give you an idea.)
What’s really interesting is at about 3:53, they show a video clip of “Oto no Nai Yozora Ni” even though there was never any announcement that IKU made a PV for the single. As far as I know, the PV will not be released on the single. As for the song, it is unmistakably I’ve and quite pretty, reminiscent of many of I’ve’s softer eroge themes, most recently “For our days.” I’m looking forward to it and really looking forward to what they’re going to do with the PV.

UPDATE: Nicovideo also has a preview for the KimiAru PS2 game theme “Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku” (常識!バトラー行進曲) which sounds like a radio rip. Can’t say I’m anywhere nearly as impressed with this one. Sounds fun, but not really all that satisfying.
EDIT: MP3 file of Butler Koushinkyoku (short).  If it wasn’t so obviously KOTOKO, I would have swore it wasn’t I’ve at all.



  1. Ah crap! I don’t even have an account there.! Damn my horrible Japanese!!

  2. Here’s what you do:
    When you go to the page, there should be two big buttons below where you log in: a red one, and a blue one. Click the red one.
    Now, look at this:

    This should be what you see on the screen (without translation, of course). Fill out accordingly. The e-mail address is what you’re going to be logging in as, and I believe there is a confirmation e-mail, but I’m not sure. The avatar doesn’t really matter.
    The second half should look like this:

    Again, fill it out, and nothing needs to be in Japanese, of course. Select the bottom of the two options, since the first is for a premium (i.e., paid) account. Hit the submit button, and you should be set.

  3. Nice guide.

    1 day left to KOTOKO’s new Single 「BLAZE」.
    It’s been a months’ wait..

  4. 島みやえい子 「ひかりなでしこ」 収録曲公開

    04/02(水) に発売予定の島みやえい子 2ndアルバム 「ひかりなでしこ」 (Geneon) の収録曲が公開されました。

    1. (Introduction)
    2. ひかりなでしこ [新曲]
    3. ATLANTE [新曲]
    4. 観覧車 [新曲]
    5. scheherazade [新曲]
    6. 奈落の花
    7. 青い果実
    8. FLOW
    9. あすなろの木 [新曲]
    10. 十四の月
    11. ハルミチル [新曲]
    12. 愛のうた

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