Posted by: 光星 | 03/13/08

WHEEL OF FORTUNE Jacket, SAVIA credits released

CDJapan wasted no time in releasing the cover image to Eiko Shimamiya’s April single, WHEEL OF FORTUNE. You think an April music release would look a bit less like winter…

Anyway, the most recent issue of the anime music periodical “Anican” has the credit info for the new tracks on SAVIA:
The lyrics for all tracks are written by Mami Kawada
1) energy flow (instrumental)
Composed and arranged by Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Takeshi Ozaki
3) Beehive -album edit-
Composed and arranged by Nakazawa and Ozaki
Composed and arranged by Kazuya Takase
5) Akai Namida
6) triangle
7) sense
Composed by Nakazawa, arranged by Nakazawa and Ozaki
Composed and arranged by Maiko Iuchi
9) Intron tone
Composed by Takase, arranged by Takase, Nakazawa, and Ozaki (credited as TAKANAKAZAKI)
10) Hisui
Composed by C.G Mix, arranged by C.G Mix and Ozaki
11) Saigo no Yakusoku
Composed and arranged by Iuchi
12) Get my way!
13) portamento
Composed by Nakazawa, arranged by Nakazawa and Ozaki

Aibu would probably be the first one to say that Takeshi Ozaki may have too much of an influence on this album, though I think he’s at least partially earned it with his success with Tomoyuki Nakazawa on JOINT. In fact, the duo that produced JOINT are credited with four of the new tracks, five counting Intron tone, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so worried after all.



  1. Yes, I thought Nakazawa and Ozaki will be contributing much to this album since they also contributed on some of Kawada’s successful singles like radiance, Hishoku no Sora and JOINT. :)

    And I’m excited for HISUI. xD I think this is the second time C.G will be contributing for Kawada’s album.

  2. And I forgot to mention, maybe the reason why you said Ozaki may have too much of an influence on this album probably because he usually arranges for Mami’s songs. I don’t usually see him arranging for Kaorin, MELL and KOTOKO. But he arranged one song for Eiko Shimamiya which is her most successful single “Naraku no Hana”. IMO, he’s one of the best arrangers of I’ve Sound. I don’t know if this is a coincidence but my favorite Mami Kawada songs are arranged by Ozaki which is great. xD

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