Posted by: 愛撫 | 03/25/08

BARKS feature up for SAVIA, full portamento video included

Good ol’ BARKS. After being the first to show us the full videos for songs like Real Onigokko and JOINT, they’ve done it again with their new SAVIA feature. Including an interview, the album’s tracklist (which, of course, this blog already scooped a few posts ago), a column in which Mami talks about her favourite things (who knew she was into Mario Galaxy?) and, most importantly, the full head-scratcher of a video for her new song portamento. Check it out!



  1. I can’t explain why exactly I like portamento. The song is mostly unmemorable, but I’ll still listen to it a few times once the album is released. It’s just one of the increasingly numerous I’ve songs that need a Japanese ear in order for it to be fully appreciated.

  2. Now that I’ve listened to the whole song… It sounds pretty generic, and there’s a seemingly lack of chorus in the first part (stanza?) of the song…

    But I REALLY like the song actually. And I’m loving Mami’s vocals in it and the video that goes with it. I don’t think the song’s unmemorable but just pretty generic – it’s like great washed-up pop (I hate the description but that’s as close as I can get to forming my thoughts into words). I really can’t wait for the album now.

    *sits tight for more news on Eiko’s album next :3*

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