Posted by: 光星 | 03/26/08

Is IKU I’ve? and other news tidbits

The review of SAVIA is coming, it’s just been busy for both of us the past couple of weeks. In the meantime, see if you can decode what Mami is saying in “energy flow.” Reversing the track sounds really cool, but don’t expect to hear anything intelligible.
You might also wonder where the review for IKU’s “Oto no Nai Yozora ni” is. Truth is, we’re not even certain it is I’ve. In my personal opinion, while the ending seems under-produced for something created by I’ve, the A-Side has a timbre that instantly recognizable. What’s missing, though, is the I’ve logo. I don’t have my personal copy of the single yet, but the scans of the jackets do not have the I’ve logo next to the Geneon logo, as all previous I’ve releases have. Kazuya Takase isn’t credited as being with I’ve, either, but he isn’t usually credited as such anyway. Similarly, the credits during the ending of Hayate no Gotoku! don’t mention I’ve, but previous endings haven’t credited I’ve specifically for the arrangement.
So even though Ko no Me Kaze is a vocal-oriented work arranged by Kazuya Takase for an anime that have exclusively used I’ve to produce its themes, this is NOT I’ve, or at least as my colleague and I’ve Sound Explorer have ruled.
(For a case where an I’ve logo did not indicate I’ve-produced, see the page of the eroge Tanjoubi which prominently displays the old I’ve logo, even though the themes have been determined not to be I’ve.)

In other news, the KimiAru PS2 game is released today, along with the full version of “Shoushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku.”
Also, a new demo movie is out for the delayed eroge Colorful Wish (borderline NSFW) under the download menu. The short version of the theme “I need magic~解けないマジ☆キュン♪~” has already been released, but the demo movie features a slightly different monologue from KOTOKO, while the non-spoken lyrics seem the same. Whitch Do You CHOOSE? [sic]


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