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Hikarinadeshiko Credits

Courtesy of Anican volume 53 and I’ve Sound Explorer.
All songs written and composed by Eiko Shimamiya unless otherwise noted.
西岡俊明 (Toshiaki Nishioka) arranged the non-I’ve tracks on Eiko’s previous albums “hologram” and “Vanilla.”
京田誠一 (Seiichi Kyouda) arranged a few of Eiko’s other I’ve songs including the original “Kyuudou no Hito,” “Akizora no Achira,” and the ULYSSES remix of “Uchuu no Hana” as well as KOTOKO’s “Akai Tama, Aoi Tama.”

1.introduction (Instrumental)
Composed and arranged by Tomoyuki Nakazawa
2.ひかりなでしこ (Hikarinadeshiko)
Arranged by Toshiaki Nishioka and Seiichi Kyouda.
3.all alone
CDJapan hasn’t updated their tracklisting to include this song. Geneon’s page is likely more accurate.
Arranged by Nakazawa
5.観覧車 (Kanransha)
Arranged by SORMA No.1
Arranged by SORMA No.1
7.奈落の花 (Naraku no Hana)
8.青い果実 (Aoi Kajitsu)
Arranged by Nishioka
The arrangement may be a clue that the original version of Aoi Kajitsu may be included instead of an I’ve-produced remix.
10.あすなろの木 (Asunaru no Ki)
Arranged by Kyouda
11.十四の月 (Garasu no Tsuki)
12.ハルミチル (Haru Michiru)
Arranged by Maiko Iuchi
13.愛のうた (Ai no Uta)
Still assuming that this is the Ozone version.

A remarkably unfamiliar line-up, at least for those who haven’t listened Eiko’s works outside of I’ve. From someone who has, I can say that the arrangements on this album won’t be anywhere as guitar-heavy as they were on SAVIA. It’s looking to be a more spiritual and new-age-ish album, maybe even more than O, but as FLOW as taught me, just because someone arranged Sora no Mahoroba doesn’t mean he won’t create some generic pop fluff.

Hikarinadeshiko will be released on April 2.



  1. I can’t really say I’m TOO impressed by the credits, but I’ll reserve judgment for the actual release.

  2. Maiko Iuchi’s presence is disappointing, as is the large amount of non-I’ve production. I mean, SORMA is ok because he’s always sort of been a fringe member of I’ve, but a quarter of the album is going to be done by Nishioka and Kyouda – calling this an I’ve Sound release just feels wrong with credits like that.

  3. For once I must agree. I already don’t like that song Maiko arranged on O. Infact I don’t even remember it.

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