Posted by: 光星 | 04/02/08

Hikarinadeshiko, Wheel of Fortune (preview) PVs up

BARKS once again has the PV for Hikari nadeshiko (ひかりなでしこ) up for streaming, which is just as cold as advertised, and laden with Japanese symbolism many anime fans might understand, like the red string of fate. The song itself, like I mentioned in the previous post, is dubiously I’ve, though rest assured that the album itself is produced by I’ve. Despite the synthesizers, it doesn’t have the I’ve feel, but the slow, contemplative pacing fits well with Eiko’s style.
Smaller bonus! They also have a preview to the WHEEL OF FORTUNE (unmei no wa) PV up for those who want a more I’ve-sounding song and a preview to the upcoming Higurashi live-action movie. Yes, much like the Real Onigokko PV, this PV has more shots of the movie than shots of the artist, but it’s still worth a watch, or at least a listen. For those who missed it in its full form, you honestly didn’t miss a whole lot. Apart from a very long intro, nothing grabbed my attention other than what you see in the preview. It sounds like UZU-MAKI without the heavy guitars which in this case, kills most of whatever awesomeness this song could have had. Eiko does look and sound just fine.

UPDATE: Aibu’s ethernet card snapped its red string (so to speak) so until he gets it replaced, I’m running the show. Prepare for an all new layout featuring the new goddess of Aibublog, Maiko Iuchi! And if I can’t find any pictures of her, maybe I’ll do a review of some pretty sparklers.



  1. Was Tooryanse the only Japanese folk song that Eiko used lyrics from in WHEEL OF FURTUNE?

  2. Considering I know two Japanese folk songs (the other being “Sakura”) I’m not sure at all.
    And even if I did, BARKS seems to have taken the PV down and replaced it with a preview for some reason. Someone must have jumped the gun.

  3. I like the song well enough, but it won’t get that many repeats, that’s for sure.

    I can’t wait for the weekend to listen to her album. Argh, why do these releases fall on weekdays, where I will be unable to download anything?

  4. If you need a pic of Maiko Iuchi, I’ve got one on my Photobucket.

  5. oh my god the pv looks so good!! anyone got the full version though?? i only saw the clip on the site =(

  6. Sheherazade, Hikarinadeshiko, and the obvious Naraku no Hana – TERRIFIC.

    Sheherazade has a western feel, the title seems to have something to do with it, hmm.

  7. Full Wheel of Fortune PV:
    And, because I’m in a nice mood, the mp3 ripped from the video:


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