Posted by: 光星 | 04/05/08

Kamen no Maid Guy OP, full Wheel of Fortune on Nicovideo

Special Life! I love this so far. Aibu predicted correctly, it is a lot like Shichitenhakki/batto and as such, it is an incredibly fun song. The visuals aren’t too bad either, right guys? (heh)
Also, someone managed to rip the streaming video of the full Wheel of Fortune PV that was accidentally released on BARKS a couple days ago and put it on Nicovideo. MP3 rip from the FLV file can be found here.

My copy of Hikarinadeshiko came in the mail today along with the rest of the March releases, so I might try doing a review later tonight.



  1. I thought Wheel of Fortune was just okay compared to Eiko’s other Higurashi works, but the chorus sent shivers up my spine. of course the visual helps. The movie *looks* nice, cinematography- and actors-wise. Although I probably won’t watch it, because blood in real life (even if it’s movie blood) is so not for me.

  2. I don’t feel there’s anything special about “Special Life!”. I like the song, but it’s better suited for an eroge.

  3. sweet. this anime looks a 1000 times more interesting than hayate no gotoku, too.

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