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MELL’s first album announced!
Right there. Release date July 9.
UPDATE:NOT there. Don’t panic, CDJapan was just a few weeks too early, MELL will have an album this summer, Geneon can’t be that foolish, right? Right?

It’s about damn time, don’t you think? After nearly 10 years in I’ve and a decent trio of singles with Geneon (yes, even Virgin’s High), MELL finally gets her own album. For the limited edition, not only will there be a PV, but also “making of” features for no vain and kicks! which really should have been in their respective singles to begin with, AND something about recording done in France, which I think may have to do with her Growling Mad Scientists remix of Red Fraction. No mention of her trip to Texas though.
The limited edition also has an, um, “Special Event Live Original Goods Present Double Chance” entry postcard? Sounds like a chance (or two) to get goods from her live show? No word on whether all of that is just getting rid of unsold goods from her show at A-KON last year or not, though if I were Geneon, I’d give her an actual freaking tour and sell the goods that way.
CDJapan is also offering a “poster” with the first pressing of the album, which may or not be full-sized like the poster they did for KOTOKO’s 421 -a will-. Needless to say, this is a must preorder for MELL fans.
I’ll be combing for more details as they emerge.
Damn right I’m excited.




    correction: YOU MUST GET!! to do us a nice review of it :P

  2. Just a random MELL question – what’s the difference between Permit and Permit ~yurushi no tou~?

  3. One’s in Japanese.

    I hope she films the new PV at Versailles!

  4. Yes! Yes! YES!

    The most awesome news since this morning! THANK YOU I’VE NOW WHY CAN’T JULY COME FASTER. *ahem*

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I must be one of the only I’ve fans who doesn’t really enjoy MELL. EGEN is a powerful track though.

  7. Jeff, I think your opinion on MELL is the precise opposite of mine as I love the girl but can’t stand Egen one bit.

    And I can’t believe that I’ve let KOTOKO get three albums before MELL even got one. For shame, Geneon.

  8. MELL is by far the best of the five girls. I am buying this album no matter what and they better DO release it, she deserves all the fame tha kotoko has without being half as talented.

  9. being half as talented… pff my english sucks

  10. She has a hell of a voice, I’ll give you that. I guess I associate her to the terrible (IMHO) Red Fraction too quickly. That is what she is mostly known for, right? What other songs should I check out then? I have all of the I’ve compilations already… hopefully the new album will turn things around for me.

    ps thanks for not changing into full fanboy blasting mode, guys (and girls?) We’re all entitled to our opinion.

  11. To jeffx-Was Red fraction the song that introduces you to MELL, if so, it’s not the best start. I reccomend Suna no Kaze, Last in blue, and sayonara wo oshiete~comment te dire adieu~.

    I pray that this album is full of songs from the singles only. IMO, songs from many years ago(Mell’s eroge themes) could possibly break the album. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE SABAKU NO YUKI ON THE ALBUM!!!

  12. Yeah, MELL is most well known outside of Japan — and perhaps inside as well – for Red Fraction. While I don’t think it’s her best song either, it’s a good representation of what people are expecting her style to be. Not that she hasn’t done other styles well, i.e., FLY TO THE TOP, the aforementioned Sayonara wo Oshiete, etc., but I think songs like Spiral and Sabaku no Yuki are a much more natural fit for MELL and her persona.

    If there were four previously-released songs to put on the album, which is the norm it seems for I’ve albums, I would put Red Fraction, no vain, and kicks!. Proof and Virgin’s High! were ill-suited for MELL and hopefully would contrast with the rest of the album.
    My honest guess is that she would also put Sabaku no Yuki on the album. Sorry, Same, but it’s probably MELL’s most popular song that has never been released outside of Comiket. I’ve also let her sing it at A-KON, so I bet Geneon wouldn’t have any problems putting it on the album.
    There was also one song that she sang at A-KON last year which I’m certain was never released by her that should be on the album, but I’m going to hold my breath before I speculate too much.

  13. This album should be full of win!
    Red fraction, no vain and kicks! are must-have.
    Sabaku no Yuki is almost a certainty. World my eyes too, as she wrote the lyrics to it. Personally I’d also like Hoshi meguri no uta to be included :P

  14. Jeffx: Red fraction… terrible? I know that we’ve already established that your taste has nothing to do with mine, but… terrible? Really?

    I was still fairly new to I’ve when I heard Red fraction (was actually my first MELL song, just to show how new we’re talking), but it made more of an impression on me than any other I’ve single since Re-sublimity. Here was an anime-theme singer unlike any I’d heard before (or really any I’ve heard since) just fucking tearing apart one of the meanest guitar arrangements to ever grace a pop song, vocals heavy-metal without actually screaming in some parts and strangely pretty in others (the wavering “shit out of luck” remains a favourite). Granted, the arrangement does suffer from a bit of repetition (song could’ve easily been condensed to 2 minutes with nothing lost) and I can’t imagine the silliness of the words being as easy to brush off as it was for me, but I still can’t understand somebody listening to it and going “this is terrible!”

    …But, now that I think about it, Same could probably say the same about Virgin’s high! and I’d just kind of stare at his explanation like it was written in Martian. Diff’rent strokes, my friend.

  15. Yiiihaaaa!!! What a wonderful news! I was waiting for this day! i hope she includes Last in blue, world my eyes and sayonara wo oshiete. this made my day!!! :)

  16. This album needs to be packed with original material if I’ve is planning on making Mell a bit more mainstream. Depending on how that’s carried out, it could end up being one of the best I’ve albums ever or like SEED, packed full of a few good tracks that are outnumbered by mediocrity.

    To 愛撫: Believe it or not, Virgin’s high was not one of my favorite song. I prefer Mell & Kazuya’s works. Don’t get me wrong, I like the song, but only as an anime theme. Now that I feel Kazuya has gotten his “groove” back, I can push Maiko to the side.

  17. But you can’t push Maiko aside! How will I have fun at my readers’ expense when I’m no longer able to mercilessly mock a particularly devoted fan’s favourite arranger? D:

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