Posted by: 光星 | 04/18/08

Special Life! Jacket pic up

Finally bucking the trend of cold and gloomy covers, KOTOKO’s twelfth single, Special Life! features a more tropical theme. I wonder how many tries it took for KOTOKO to successfully write “Special Life!” Anyway, the single drops on May 21.



  1. is there a preview out for this song somewhere? tracklisting?

  2. I think there’s one, Kamen no Maid Guy’s OP or ED (iirc).

    Yea, it is truly tropical, feels like Hawaii :D

  3. Despite double posting, I really would like to request for a review on 運命の輪.

  4. sorry, I’m dumb, I already listened to the preview. but has the other song been announced?

  5. Not yet.

  6. ReSublimity: reviews for verge, Hikarinadeshiko and WHEEL OF FORTUNE are all on the way, it’s just that I’m kind of swamped at the moment with a whole whackload of unforeseen real-life issues and such things take prevalence over writing about I’ve.

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