Posted by: 光星 | 04/27/08

Odds and Ends

UPDATED because I don’t feel like making a new post.
The title for the coupling song to KOTOKO’s 12th single “Special Life” has been announced on her radio show site: “capriccio ~心はいつも曇りのち晴れ~” or “capriccio ~Kokoro wa Itsumo Komori nochi Hare~” or “capriccio ~the heart is always cloudy before it’s clear~”. KOTOKO announced on her fan club radio show that it will be composed and arranged by Maiko Iuchi.

As for songs on MELL’s first album, Amazon has posted a few of the thirteen tracks. Three of them were pretty much expected: Red Fraction, kicks!, and no vain. The fourth one came out of nowhere: repeat -Deep Forest Remix-! This is a great song that deserves an update (considering the original repeat came out in 1999) and though I personally would have liked any sort of Sabaku no Yuki, this song reflects back to MELL’s debut year in I’ve, and so is definitely worthy of inclusion.

Speaking of MELL’s early years in I’ve, the latest issue of Visual Art’s web magazine Visual Style has a lengthy feature on Kazuya Takase which of course would be so awesome if I were able to read it. What I can decipher is that the vocalist Orihime, who did a couple of Takase-arranged tracks back in 1998 before I’ve formally existed, was indeed MELL. Of course, MELL, I’ve, and just about any fan will still claim that “Utsukushiku Ikitai” was MELL’s true debut because quite frankly, it’s best to just ignore that Orihime had anything to do with I’ve. OK? OK.

Returning to current works, eroge maker Selen NSFW announced that Kaori Utatsuki will perform the theme to the upcoming sequel to “Shakkin Shimai” which is so far set to be released on June 26. Update: According to their Limited Edition page the soundtrack CD will include Mami Kawada’s Seduce and Kaori’s “Love is money?!” Credits: Lyrics by KOTOKO, arranged and composed by Maiko Iuchi. Aside: If an eroge has a limited edition version, and there are 10,000 of that version made, is it really a limited edition? Just wondering.



  1. So much freakish love for repeat. That video was just weird as heck.

  2. Is it wrong to hope that :Love is Money!” will be like seduce?

  3. Same: Somehow, I just don’t see that happening… As much as I love Kaorin, something like seduce would probably throw her out of the loop. We can hope though!

    *crosses fingers that the soundtrack will somehow have karaokes/instrumentals of seduce*

  4. a deep forest remix i just can’t believe it, i love deep forest and i wonder how that will work out.
    IVE is definetely working hard on producing one of their best albums yet.. and is MELL’s one.. she totally deserves it.

  5. “Love is Money?!” sounds like it may be promoting prostitution.

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