Posted by: 光星 | 05/20/08

Special Life out, nothing much to report

There honestly hasn’t been much in the way of relevant I’ve news. Oh, I could say something about KOTOKO’s fan club, her revamped website, and her Short Circuit show with Kaori in Taiwan. I could have also said something about how Mami has her own fan club, and didn’t even wait a month before announcing a fan club-only mini-tour. But it’s nothing that pertains to 99% of the readers here, I bet.

First impressions on the Special Life single:
Special Life! itself, I’ve already semi-reviewed, nothing has changed.
Capriccio is definitely a Maiko Iuchi song, so if you hate her arrangements, you probably won’t like this song, if you’re a fanboy, this will be great, and if you’re kind of ambivalent like I am, you’ll just wish there was something more. It’s not that bad of a song, really, but like so many of her recent slower songs, it’s not as soft and more energetic as it should. Still, it’s an improvement on the first track.

As for the PV, I guess I was right. It IS “KOTOKO goes to the tropics – making of.” I just wish I wasn’t right…



  1. But… what?

    Also I’d love to read a report on that Taiwan show, if you can dig up some info.

  2. Basically on July 19, KOTOKO and Kaori are doing a “Short Circui II Premium Show” at the National Taiwan University of Arts. I think says that tickets go on sale on May 31st, but I’m not too sure.

  3. I wonder if this is gonna draw as big a crowd as the previous show… probably not? What do you think.

  4. It will. If enough people came to see KOTOKO and Mami when they visited, I’m sure just as many will come to see KOTOKO and Kaori. Granted, I don’t know much about the Taiwanese fanbase except that they got a thousand signatures to petition KOTOKO to come down the first time, so that has to count for something. I doubt a thousand fans came to either of the A-KON shows (though more than a thousand were certainly in attendance).
    I’m still bitter, though. Following ANN’s announcements of various non-anime related musical groups come through America, then Momoi at Anime North, really made me wonder how interested any of the I’ve members were to perform at some half-assed ballroom when they could be playing in auditoriums and proper concert halls. And then Yoko Ishida, who KOTOKO essentially replaced as Geneon’s premier anime theme song vocalist, was just announced to attend Anime Expo.
    So what I’m saying is that a Short Circuit show would probably work very well in Taiwan, but I would really hope that they will try other markets in the future.
    End rant.

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