Posted by: 光星 | 05/30/08

Stars Biscuit short ver up

Remember Furifuri? Remember Stars Biscuit? I don’t. As a reminder, it’s a magical eroge by 130cm, comes out sometime in the future, and the theme to this is Stars Biscuit, vocals and lyrics by KOTOKO, arranged and composed by Maiko Iuchi. Short version here; site may be a bit slow.

In not-really-news-but-something-I-just-discovered: Most of KOTOKO’s Official Website may be off-limits to those not card-carrying members of her Mutant Dwarf fanclub, but she does have a public discography. What’s interesting about this is that since the site isn’t tied to Geneon or Visual Art’s, she evidently has the freedom to list her entire discography, including Sora wo Tobetara and every one of her various game songs. Pretty nifty if you ask me.



  1. Stars Biscuit. Not even Star Biscuit. Or Star Biscuits. Or Seabiscuit. Stars Biscuit. The song itself is immaterial when it has a title like that: all attempts at analysis of the song based on pure musical merit will inevitably devolve into analysis of the name it was given.

    So… is it the British kind of ‘biscuit’, as in what the sane parts of the world calls a cookie? Or what the sane parts of the world refers to with ‘biscuit’, one of those puck-like doughy bits of deliciousness that just the title alone has already got me craving? And how are the stars referred to interacting with said biscuit? It might even be “Stars’ biscuit” and I’ve forgot the punctuation, a wheat-based treat favoured by celebrities…

    But really, it’s just another lame Maiko Iuchi track. Better than most of Iuchi’s recent efforts, admittedly (the film score-esque flourishes that pop up from time to time add a nicely cinematic flavour), but unfortunately it’s still pretty uninspiring.

  2. I agree that the name sucks, but otherwise this is pretty good IMHO, way better than I expected after reading your blurb.

  3. I guess I should have mentioned the names of the four sample BGM files then.
    twin trick stars
    monochrome potho
    highway star
    molest gang

    Seems like another case of outstandingly poor translations with a dose of typos for good measure.

  4. “molest gang”… I know it shouldn’t surprise me, but man.

    Anyway not even interested in listening to this, but once the full track comes out I may check it out… I think you guys should put a calendar checklist where you could list all the releases in the coming days (like we can see 5 releases in the future of I’ve projects, either from eroge themes or anime music etc). Just a thought. I like lists like that, it makes it easier :P

  5. Hikaruhoshi:
    “monochrome potho” is the best name anything in history has been given. Ever.

    I’ve been trying to get a release-calendar feature like that working for a long time now, but by default WordPress has nothing of the sort and I have zero programming knowledge so I can’t really say I have any idea how to do it. :/

  6. Naddie: I agree, that’s a great idea. I’ll look into it, but as of right now, there at least four upcoming releases I can see:
    Dates are tentative, of course:
    Love is Money on 6/27
    Ha!!!ppiness on 6/30
    MELL’s album on 8/7
    Stars Biscuit on 8/29

    No anime themes have been announced yet, but I’m sure once the fall season comes closer, I’ve will have a few.


    Check out the space under the “Top Posts” sidebar.
    Now that I have admin privileges (>:3) I’ll update it accordingly.

  8. Well Aibu, though you will never understand why I like Maiko, I’ll never understand why you hate her. lol

  9. Loving the release list ;) Thanks, guys!

  10. Release list is an EXCELLENT idea, well done.

  11. wow at last the Stars Biscuit short ver. is up. I’ve been waiting for this… xD and I must really admit, it’s better, at least, than Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku and Love is money?! <— I’m hating this song. It’s so horribly cute… D:

    And I noticed there are already recent comments in the navi bar… and the upcoming release! Those come in handy. Good work guys! :D

  12. To fred-I like the song, but Kaori songs in certain eroge videos are kinda fucked up, you know? It’s like “There’s nothing cuter than women having hardcore sex! hehe”

  13. Same: …except when its two girls and one has a penis. For instance.

  14. To Hikaruhoshi-I would want to keep that a secret if I was a girl with a penis too!

  15. The general cuteness of a lot of eroge theme songs seems a bit odd until you consider that for most of these games the sex is just in there because people wouldn’t buy a “clean” visual novel without a really big name attached to it (see CLANNAD and ToHeart 2 for examples of when a company can get away with releasing clean product) and most eroge producers I’ve works with lack the access to any such big names. Shakkin Shimai 2, for example, seems to be going for a light comedy feel, something which Love is money?! suits perfectly. Yes, there’s sex, but for the most part that’s not what it’s about. It is, however, what the demo movie is mostly about. But for that you have to keep in mind that the “ero” scenes are what sells these games, and when releasing a demo movie it is in the producers’ own best interests to show as much of it as they can. Chances are the actual game’s opening doesn’t have even half the nudity of that video.

  16. I don’t have a problem with it. Sex is a big part of being human and we will all eventually have sex one day, so whatever. When I say it’s “fucked up”, it’s “fucked up” in a funny way, not a “fucked up” as in a certain scene from the 2nd Evangelion movie. You all know what I’m talking about! It’s also not the same “fucked up” as Sayonara wo oshiete ~comment te dire adieu~’s demo movie.

  17. ^ well yes it’s natural.

    OFF-TOPIC: I have a question to the two blogkeepers of aibublog. Did you two know if there is Kotoko fanlisting that exists? Well I can’t find any… I’m just thinking Kotoko is fairly famous why doesn’t she have her own fanlisting… now that’s sorta odd. D:

  18. There was one for a while called “Windy -the official KOTOKO fanlisting” but the site is long dead, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t “official.” As far as English-language fanlistings go, I don’t think any exist at this time.

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