Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/14/08

MELL’s album apparently to be called MELLSCOPE, SAVIA now no longer worst I’ve album title

Remember SAVIA? God dammit you do. Best thing I’ve has released in years, the crowning achievement of Mami Kawada’s career, and despite its awesomeness its title was taken from a plant genus with a stupid name. Well, I’ve is apparently going for consistency here, because according to Amazon Japan, MELL’s debut album is getting a name just as stupid. (Thanks to Fred Itachi and Same for finding this out before my lazy ass did!)

MELLSCOPE, they say they’re calling it. MELL plus SCOPE. While it could be worse (no Ha!!!ppiness-esque inappropriate punctuation, for one), one really has to wonder what precisely I’ve was thinking when they gave the album such a cheesy fucking title. Granted, the title of an album really doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things, but it still can’t help when the name of a particular CD brings to mind images of MELL-sponsored mouthwash.

And if the current scheduled release date is kept to, MELLSCOPE will be out on August 8th of this year.



  1. It could’ve been “e-MELL” or “Air MELL”

  2. I think we all know the album should’ve been called CaraMELL.

    I hate myself.

  3. It’s pronounced CARMUL, dammit!

    And I just realized I gotta change the releases sidebar.

  4. I didn’t think SAVIA was that bad of a title once I disregarded its meaning, but MELLSCOPE… is just weird. What’s up with the caps?

  5. Also could’ve been “feMELL” or “sMELL”

  6. MELLow yellow. FaMELLiar. FaMELLy Feud. MELLts in your mouth, not in your hand.

    And the funny thing is, “MELLSCOPE” isn’t even actually a pun. Would be if it was, say, “MELLESCOPE”, but as it is now, it isn’t.

  7. I think it’s supposed to be like “telescope”.

  8. It’s pronounced similarly, I bet:

  9. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced exactly like it’s spelled. The ‘u’ in ‘ru’ is most likely left as close to silent as it can be, making it more “Merrscope” than “Merescope”.

  10. You guys are forgetting something important.



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