Posted by: 光星 | 06/23/08

C.G Mix set for another BL eroge theme

I would like to give due praise to the folks down at FiRSTRoN, from which the majority of the news I relay to you guys comes from. With that in mind, Boys Love eroge producer Spray has announced their upcoming eroge “STEAL!” with I’ve’s lovable boy-toy C.G Mix set to sing the theme song. No word yet on even a release date at this point, but we’ll keep you posted.




    Character art thus far is making this eroge look like some kind of Bizarro World version of No More Heroes, where instead of hacking each other apart with lightsabers in between incredibly poorly thought-out bits of wannabe Grand Theft Auto city navigation, the game’s heroes spend a whole lot of time fucking each other up the ass. And instead of the hot blonde girl there’s a guy with ripped pants and blue hair.

    However, plot description is actually making this seem more like a National Treasure-type ‘adventure’ deal with a good deal of gay sex thrown in because it wouldn’t be a BL eroge without it.

    Overall, disproportionately excited about the song itself but somewhat disappointed that the game seems to have a relatively straightforward setup instead of Kichiku Megane’s lovably daft “cursed glasses that turn men into gay rapists without exception” nightmare of a plot.

  2. wow it’s good to hear that C.G mix have something up on his sleeve again for this BL game. I’m excited for the theme song! :D And I just noticed, he already have another one while the remix for “under the darkness” still doesn’t have a preview or even a release date.

    Btw, has anyone heard the long version for “Love is money?!”? Ahh yes another flop for Maiko Iuchi!! I certainly don’t recommend this song…

  3. Apparently I’ve will be working on the music for Toaru Majutsu no Index.

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