Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/30/08

New anime series to have something to do with I’ve, musically at least

The title is To Aru Majutsu no Index (とある魔術の禁書目録), and it’s a series of light novels that’s getting the anime treatment thanks to Geneon’s RONDO ROBE division (same guys who did the recent Kamen no Maid Guy series, just for reference). We don’t know what exactly I’ve’s role will be in the music for this new show, but given the fact that this isn’t a property I’ve has any previous connection to it’s likely that the opening and/or ending theme(s) will be the extent of our favourite producers’ involvement. Updates will be posted as soon as news is available, and thanks go out to faithful reader Same for mentioning this news bite in the comments thread for the last post.



  1. The rumors appear to be true with Kotoko referencing the anime’s name in her blog.

  2. wow another anime tie-in!! I’m excited about this!! XDD I know Kotoko will have the tie-in her but I hope the other I’ve Girls would also have another tie-in…

    In other news, I’ve will release an I’ve best master groove circle (I’veベスト master groove circle) album… which is scheduled to be released on September 24… For more info,

  3. And addition to that, it’s going to be produced by Geneon as well! Which was kinda new because I don’t see any I’ve compilations released on Geneon is there? (GNCV-1007, GNCV-1008)


    The trailers has a nice new I’ve composed song and they are confirmed to be handling the music.

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