Posted by: 光星 | 07/03/08

Geneon finally gives I’ve a remix album

I guess Hyper Yocomix 3 was the last straw. Note to Yoko Ishida and whoever arranges these albums: If your “Hyper” remix of, say, JOINT, sounds slower than the original, you’re probably doing something wrong.
Anyway, has announced preorders for a proper I’ve-only remix compilation album titled “master groove circle”, currently set to be released on September 24, though the release date was originally in August, according to little slow step. Geneon is producing this album, so keep that in mind. It will consist of 14 remixes on 2 CDs of I’ve themes, including Re-Sublimity, Hishoku no Sora, Red Fraction, and Higurashi, BLAZE, Chasse, no vain and Wheel of Fortune. In another stroke of genius, Kazuya Takase and Tomoyuki Nakazawa will be the only ones arranging on this album, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Takeshi got his contribution in.
The limited edition will come in a special container with a random sheet of I’ve logo stickers. Other goods will probably be added later.

愛撫 edit – according to I’ve Sound Explorer, the list of songs remixed also includes the brilliant title track from KOTOKO’s 2006 album UZU-MAKI. So it won’t all be anime themes, apparently…



  1. Wow! pretty big news. Something else to throw on your upcoming releases list.

  2. 14 songs on 2 discs? Well, maybe they’ll be trance mixes and be really long… I dunno, that just sounds iffy to me.

  3. that was on my mind as well, and assumed it was a typo or an incomplete list.

  4. Well, Key Sounds Label’s OTSU Club Music volume 2 compilation was 14 songs over 2 discs, but average length on those suckers was some 7 minutes and the longest song close to 12… I highly doubt I’ve is up to making songs that long.

  5. ^ now that’s long. ><

    I’m excited about the remixes! Can’t wait for 9/24.. ^.^

    By the way, speaking of long songs, “Sukarabe no Inori -Brown Sugar Style-” is a non-I’ve track right? Since it is in Eiko’s hologram… So what’s the longest song I’ve has made? Is it “O”? I’m just intrigued… I’ve’s been producing uber long tracks and yet I haven’t seen a good 10-minute track that they had produced.

  6. I’ve has been known to have longer songs in the past. About 90 songs go longer than 6 minutes, 11 go longer than 7, and two songs go for more than 8: O and the brown sugar style of Sukarabe no Inori, arranged by Kazuya Takase and is considered an I’ve song.
    By my count, the latter is 8:51 and the former is 8:03
    The rest of the top ten are:
    3. Hane (from Hane) 7:38
    4. Taiyou (from O) 7:32
    5. SNOW (either version) 7:25
    6. See You (from Triangle Heart; either one of the versions with the extended opening) 7:21
    7. Koe ga Todoku Nara (from Hane) 7:19
    8. Hyoketsu no Yoru (from Verge, et al) 7:14
    9. I can’t get over your best smile (from Stokesia) 7:11
    Tie 10. Fuyu no Shizuku (from Hane) and Hayategumo (from Hane) 7:06

    So it isn’t inconceivable that 14 tracks won’t be able to fit on CD, but filling both CDs seems unlikely. It would be awesome if they did, though; an epic 10-minute remix of Re-Sublimity might just make up for the mediocrity of the past couple years.

  7. Why does I’ve even let Yoko Ishida touch their material? She’s pretty much a has-been now. The I’ve Tribute albums show how I’ve covers should be done.

  8. The problem with the long I’ve tracks named is that they’re pretty much all slow, vaguely ballad-esque tracks. We haven’t seen all that much in the way of long-form trance remixes from the I’ve crew (even on the verve-circle compilation albums they generally just got G.M.S. to do the mixes instead of bothering themselves), which is why I’m wondering if they’ll even try with this release. Would seem a cop-out to ‘fill’ 2 discs with tracks 3-6 minutes long, but I’m not putting it past them…

  9. …Whoa I can’t imagine them trying to remix these songs and making them sound any better than the originals, but I’m looking forward to this! no vain remix… Hmmmm trancey-er tone… ARGH why are all the good stuffs released so much later?

  10. Alternate solution to the 2-disc problem:
    This is supposed to be a “best of” the whole of Geneon-branded I’ve, so why wouldn’t they just put the original songs on the second CD, so that those who only like I’ve from their anime themes (boo! hiss!) don’t have to buy 14 singles/albums or those who are intimidated by the immense breadth of I’ve Sound can get a proper introduction?
    Not the situation I’d prefer, but it would make the most sense.

  11. Just incase no one saw it, I’ve has been confirmed to be producing the music for To Aru Majutsu no Index. There’s a new promo up with a nice piece of I’ve produced music.

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