Posted by: 光星 | 07/15/08

MELLSCOPE Covers Revealed

MELL loves to show that she is not one to be trifled with on the covers for her upcoming album.
The limited edition cover can be found here and regular edition here.
OK, so maybe in the last one she’s wearing two sets of drapes as a kimono, but nevertheless, both covers are very “MELL” and pretty much what this news reporter wanted to see. Now if we can just get more info on the album itself…



  1. Love the second one, even if it is drapes *eyes it* Can’t really tell, lol.

    Damn, once I have credit card/a job… I’m gonna collect these girls’ discographies.

  2. MELLSCOPE jacket art shown, old proverbs about not judging books by their covers struggling to ring true…

    Just kidding, the cover art’s just fine (for once). Certainly better than fucking SAVIA, and doesn’t provide too unflattering a view of the singer (something a number of I’ve releases have missed the boat on)

  3. I hope people can see why I find MELL to be extremely sexy now. She looks great on the covers and I just know the album is going to be great.

  4. The covers are great although the limited edition looked like the one that MELL wore in the “no vain” PV but it’s still good and… grungy… xD I like the regular edition better. :)

  5. Sorry if this is going to be an off-topic post again and if this is the appropriate topic to post this info but I just wanted to let you know that there will be an upcoming sequel for Black Lagoon which is “Black Lagoon (TV 3)”. I saw a data in the Anime News Network although there’s still no info available… We’ll just hope MELL would get the chance to perform the opening theme, that is, since it’s where she became known for anime fans… ^__^ We’ll just hope MELL would really get it…

  6. Red fraction was the OP for season 2, don’t see why they wouldn’t use it again for S3.

  7. ^ well maybe because they were not in the mood to create another OP theme since BL1 and BL2 were showed at the same year — which is 2006. The vintage for BL1 is April-June 2006 while the second barrage is October-December 2006. BL3 will be, I think, 2 years after second barrage so there’s a probability they will now create a new opening theme for the series. But who knows? I’ll be updating and… hoping for a new MELL single for this one.

  8. It may be true that they only rehashed the same OP/ED themes for the sequel because it was released in the same year, but it could also be true that it was an intentional choice and Geneon’s going to keep everything standardized across the seasons. Either way, we’ll find out in time…

  9. ^ yeah you’re right, DMC. :)

    btw, MELLSCOPE’s tracklisting is now available although credits are not yet released. Here it is.

    02.Red fraction
    03.Way beyond there
    05.Virgin’s high! vain
    08.Under Superstition
    10.The first finale in me
    11.美しく生きたい -10 Years anniversary mix-
    12.repeat -Deep Forest Remix-

    Courtesy of ^_^

  10. There are actually only 4 new songs, 2 remixes, 4 single songs, and an old eroge song. I have a hunch SCOPE will be an instrumental-intro which will be maybe connected to Red fraction like in the case of some of the I’ve Girls album (e.g. like “Asura” from KOTOKO’s Hane, “Hikarinadeshiko” from Eiko’s album of the same title, “energy flow” from Mami’s SAVIA etc.)

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