Posted by: 愛撫 | 07/16/08

A little proposal: I’ve Sound FAQ

So I was recently struck by a proverbial lightning bolt of inspiration regarding a new feature for 愛撫-I’ve Sound Blog-, but for it to work I’m going to need some help from my readers.

You see, I’m not going to mince words here – Hikaruhoshi and I, we know a lot about I’ve. A lot. So sometimes we talk about things that we think are common knowledge, but really just end up confusing readers who haven’t been scouring obscure Japanese blogs for the slightest tidbit of information regarding Kazuya Takase’s pre-I’ve projects or obscure Comiket releases with every last bit of spare time. Now this, fair and perhaps slightly confused readers, is where you come in: In addition to the blog’s ‘About’ page, I want to have a page acting as an easily-accessible ‘I’ve FAQ’, wherein Hikaruhoshi and I will take questions and answer them as best we can. But in order for this to happen, we need you guys to ask some questions first.

Not through the comments thread, though – comments threads make pretty tedious, crappy-to-read archives for information, and wander off-topic more cases than not. Nope, what I’m asking is for questions (and remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid one) to be sent to the blog’s big shiny new e-mail address aibumeanscaress[at], and once enough good questions are collected they’ll be compiled into a (hopefully) continuously-updating FAQ page that you’ll be able to access easily through a tab in front of the magically shitty banner image I swear I’ll replace someday (really honestly truly) up there. And with that being said, let the questions fly!

(And if you’d like, you can also check out our newly-updated About page, which no longer pretends Aibu is the only writer and also sort of provides some information now. It’s good stuff!)


  1. I think it’s a really good idea and a great way to set your blog apart. However, upon first reading your entry, I was gonna suggest to simply update pages @ wikipedia and ThePPN in a proper manner. They sorely need it as does the MOSAIC.WAV one in my case. But then I realized that you want to make your own FAQ that is fueled by your own (collective) knowledge and not at the mercy of various online hooligans. I guess perhaps you should narrow or at least define the scope of questions and topics you are going to want to cover. For example I would like to know all of the I’ve-related concerts which took place outside of Japan and when. I absolutely love obscure and random facts like that. But is that the kind of stuff you want to include on said FAQ? Please define the range, and then trust me I’ll have questions for you.

  2. The thing is, updating the Wiki pages would be counter-productive to what my idea for the FAQ was: a repository for answers to very specific, but not necessarily ‘notable’ in the Wikipedia sense, questions. As for the question of all the I’ve-related concerts that have taken place outside of Japan, Hikaruhoshi and I will get right on answering that one.

    And far as ‘scope’, literally ANYTHING is game for the FAQ as long as it has some tenuous connection to I’ve. Like, for example, someone could ask for all of Kazuya Takase’s aliases, the list of which would look something like this:
    WORM WORLD, F.T.K, HARD STUFF (early group with Tomoyuki Nakazawa), TRANCE VOX (with Yasutaka Ippoushi), MediaSync Puu and MxPxU (with ‘SystemB’). Most of said aliases have been used to cover up for some truly embarrassing musical contributions for eroge (such as Orihime’s hideous “My Dear Are ni Oji-san”, an official remix of which featured actual sound clips from the game’s sex scenes, which was attributed to ‘MediaSync Puu’), but that isn’t in any way to say everything he made with a different name is bad. Just most of it.

    Edit – and don’t feel pressured to ask ‘general’ questions: Hikaru and I will have a number of generic questions cooked up to pad out the FAQ with (“Who is in I’ve?”, “What does I’ve mean?”, “When was I’ve founded” etc.) so the readers can get to the interesting stuff.

  3. I’ve related outside of Japan?
    Off the top of my head:
    KOTOKO at Anime Expo ’05 (theme song for the event was “Wing My Way,” I’ve also was involved in AX Idol, in which the winner, Stephanie Yanez, recorded/covered a few songs of I’ve’s, those being the two versions of Shift and the Mixed Up version of Sabaku no Yuki)
    Select footage of this was released on KOTOKO’s 2005 Garasu no Kaze tour pamphlet.
    KOTOKO came back next year for Anime North and A-Kon 17. Footage of KOTOKO with the Anime North fans and KOTOKO’s performance at A-Kon (including where she goofed and forgot her setlist) as well as her trip to Niagra Falls were on her 2006 summer tour pamphlet.
    MELL came to A-Kon 18, and no footage has been released of it, neither by I’ve nor by Funimation, who videotaped the show for Anime Road Rage.

    As for Taiwan, the only other place where I’ve members have performed (aside from vacations to Saipan, recordings in France, PV shootings in California), KOTOKO did a show on June 24, 2007, Mami did a show in early 2008, and KOTOKO and Kaori are planning to do a “Short Circuit II” show coming up pretty soon.

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