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MELLSCOPE Tracklist… and master groove circle too!

(side note: We are still looking for questions for the I’ve Sound FAQ! E-mail aibumeanscaress[at] with what you want to know about I’ve!)

Geneon finally updated MELL’s site again. You know how we’ve known that the MELLSCOPE release date has been pushed back to August 20th? Well, today is when Geneon decided to formally tell us. At least they’ve also given us a tracklisting:

New songs in bold.

2. Red fraction
3. Way beyond there
4. repeat
5. Virgin’s high!
6. no vain
7. Permit
8. Under Superstition
9. kicks!
10. The first finale in me
11. 美しく生きたい-10 Years anniversary mix-
12. repeat-Deep Forest Remix-

Also, there is no mention of “documentary” when they say that alternate versions of the “kicks!” and “no vain” PVs will be on the Limited Edition. The other PV will be SCOPE, the pseudo-title track.

The tracklist looks thoroughly MELL, and I can presume the lyrics will have just as much Engrish floating about. The refresh of Utsukushiku Ikitai (even though the 10 year anniversary isn’t until February) is a welcome addition, but I worry that it wasn’t mentioned already. Also, the original version of repeat, if that’s what that is, is going to sound very out of place unless they give that a refresh, a la what Eiko did with Aoi Kajitsu. And do we really need to have Permit in there, outside of “token ballad” and “isolated case where MELL’s Engrish isn’t all that horrible”?
Deficiencies aside, this album still looks like it will kick all sorts of ass when it comes out. Because that’s what MELL does. She kicks ass.

UPDATE: Having to leave for work at 4AM sucks. Missing news that evidently came out while I was at work sucks even more. Having your hopes for a thoroughly awesome and purely I’ve remix album dashed like so many crappy KOTOKO singles? Well, let’s take a look: (thanks Fred for the heads up)

Re-sublimity (Shiva Jorg Re-mix) (Shiva Joerg’s myspace)
Suppuration-core- (GMS (a.k.a. “Growling Mad Scientists”) Re-mix) (GMS’s Wiki entry)
UZU-MAKI (EAT STATIC Re-mix) (Eat Static’s Wiki entry)
Real Onigokko (JUNO REACTOR Re-mix) (Juno Reactor’s Wiki entry)

■Mami Kawada
JOINT(JOYBASU Re-mix) (Played guitar with KOTOKO’s band for a while. Joy Basu’s official web site)
TRILL(Shiva Jorg Re-mix)

Red fraction(GMS Re-mix) (already released on the single)
no vain (GMS Re-mix)
kicks! (remixer not yet announced)

■Eiko Shimamiya
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (SORMA Re-mix)
Hikarinadeshiko (Deep Forest Re-mix) Deep Forest’s Wiki entry
WHEEL OF FORTUNE(unmei no wa) (remixer not yet announced)

■Kaori Utatsuki
Change of heart(remixer not yet announced)

Other than reducing KOTOKO’s Bacon number to 3* what’s going on here?
For one, amazon’s original blurb implying that only Kazuya Takase and Tomoyuki Nakazawa would be remixing this album was grossly misunderstood.
Second, so much for all new tracks.
Third, SORMA is left in the arrangement lineup after mostly disastrous results on Hikarinadeshiko.
Fourth, these arrangers have some international credit, which already puts them ahead of the other anime remix compilation arrangers out there.
Fifth, these arrangers might be more inclined to stretch remixes out well past even what I’ve does, necessitating the second disc, then again, these arrangers are also inclined to wield giant swords in their myspace pictures, so anything is pretty much possible.
Sixth, anything really is possible. Sure, we/I were really hoping that the core I’ve arrangers would reach deep down into their creativity and unleash a torrent of talent unseen in I’ve since verge, but instead we’re getting a tribute album from DJs that might know what the hell they’re doing. Or they might not. I’m actually pretty interested what World Music DJ Eric Moquet can do with Hikarinadeshiko.
Seventh, what the HELL is SORMA doing in there anyway??
Eighth, there are three remixes unannounced, so the best may indeed be to come.
Ninth, but still it’s not an I’ve remix album in essence, since no one from I’ve (ignoring SORMA) is arranging any of the tracks. What Aibu and I believe is that the arrangers have at least equal credit with the vocalists in maintaining I’ve’s popularity over nearly a decade when the vocalists are the ones that get the most attention. It’s the difference between an album that sounds like SAVIA and one that sounds like Hikarinadeshiko. Master groove circle will probably still be a worthwhile album, but it seems a great disservice to Takase, Nakazawa, and the other geniuses behind the mixing boards at I’ve to exclude them from this project.

*KOTOKO to Juno Reactor to Laurence Fishburne to Kevin Bacon. Thanks Google!



  1. With all the Engrish I daresay I’m surprised G.M.S didn’t get pulled into the mix – guess Mouquet will have to do.

    A remix of her first I’ve song is a surprise though: I’ve doesn’t usually provide such obvious tribute to their past, so this is certainly welcome. That being said, I am still disappointed with the lack of new content on this album: MELL deserves more than 4 new tracks :/

  2. I think that way too, I were hoping for more new songs T.T, but the album seems pretty good to me.

  3. I guess that just means the new tracks will be VERY kick ass? I do hope so.

  4. Some of the tracklisting for master groove circle of has been revealed.

    -Re-sublimity (Shiva Jorg Re-mix)
    -Suppuration-core- (GMS Re-mix) -UZU-MAKI(EAT STATIC Re-mix)
    -Real Onigokko (JUNO REACTOR Re-mix)

    Mami Kawada
    -JOINT (JOYBASU Re-mix)
    -TRILL (Shiva Jorg Re-mix)
    -IMMORAL (SORMA Re-mix)

    -Red fraction (GMS Re-mix) [this one’s a repeat since this one is already in the single with the same title]
    -no vain (GMS Re-mix)
    -kicks! [still unreleased Re-mix]

    Eiko Shimamiya
    -Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (SORMA Re-mix)
    -Hikarinadeshiko (Deep Forest Re-mix)
    -WHEEL OF FORTUNE(運命の輪) [still unreleased Re-mix]

    Kaori Utatsuki
    -Change of heart [still unreleased Re-mix]

    Side Notes:
    — I’m worried about the SORMA Remixes… ~_~

  5. Oh fucking no.

  6. Oh shit! A Juno Reactor remix?! It’s gonna be the shit!

  7. *failure music from The Price is Right*

  8. The good:
    -The (horrible) GMS remix of Out Flow is nowhere to be found.
    -I have to listen through the full album at least once to do a review, but after that there is nothing forcing me to listen to the Joy Bus remix of JOINT
    -The Matrix was an awesome movie and Juno Reactor had something to do with it so I guess it’s cool that they’re involved
    -TRILL is thus far one of I’ve’s best songs this year, but one that could still potentially be improved by a remix
    -Prospect of a GMS remix of Suppuration-core- admittedly makes me salivate just a little
    -I’m stretching really far to think up good things to say about this

    The bad:
    -Remixers all unlikely to give two shits about I’ve, just doing this project because there’s a paycheque in it
    -SORMA long since turned from ‘one of the better fringe producers’ into ‘the guy who ruined Hikarinadeshiko’
    -Joy Bus
    -Song choice seems pretty well random
    -Red fraction remix already released, does there really need to be this much GMS on one disc?
    -Seriously, why is SORMA here and Fish Tone fucking isn’t? WHY, GOD DAMMIT!
    -The lack of actual I’ve presence on the disc suggests the arrangers themselves losing interest in their work
    -Expecting Tomoyuki Nakazawa and getting Joy Bus is sort of like paying for an Angus burger at McDonald’s but they screw up and give you a generic hamburger instead, and they won’t give you back the difference and you’re out some $7 for a burger that isn’t supposed to even cost $2 and as you sit down to eat that burger you find out that they fucking burnt the patty

    The ugly:
    -Joy Bus

  9. ah MELL. u have been with I’ve for so long, only now you get to have your debut album. even after those horrible release date change, they never shook me. i love the tracklist and i know i will love your Engrishy songs too, as i did Red fraction and the rest. now a remix album from I’ve? this year had been very good indeed.

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