Posted by: 光星 | 08/02/08

Yotsunoha bonus disc released, Mami does Nanoha

With little fanfare, the redemption-only CD from the Yotsunoha OVA has been sent out, containing the image song and its instrumental: (Spoilers: It isn’t I’ve)

好きだよ (suki da yo)
Vocals and Lyrics: 茶太 (Chatta)
Composed: Maiko Iuchi
Arranged: 島田充 (Mitsuru Shimada?)

Scans from the artwork and lyrics sheet show no signs of the I’ve logo, or even mention that Maiko is a part of I’ve. Unlike the last bait-and-switch this doesn’t sound really sound like at I’ve at all. Then again, that’s what you get when you put Maiko Iuchi as the composer and leave the arrangement to the same guy that did the OVA’s ending theme.

In more I’ve-related news, a post on I’ve Sound Explorer hints that Mami Kawada will do the Ending theme to an upcoming Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS drama CD that will be released at the upcoming Comiket 74. This newsmonger would love to confirm his sources, but the Nanoha site seems to be down.
If true, this would mark the long-awaited return of I’ve to the Triangle Heart/Nanoha franchise.



  1. Drama CD? I mean, the pairing of Kawada and the Nanoha series is a fanboy wet-dream come true, but too bad it couldn’t be for an anime…

  2. I don’t know if this is confirmed but according to, the title of the ED theme for this Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS drama will be “My Friend”. I’m not sure but I tried translating it using google translate, it looks like it.

    @aibu>you can access it if you login at my account.

  3. Another note: I bet it’s another Maiko Iuchi track.

  4. I’ve Sound Explorer updated saying it was indeed “My Friend” and yes, that reeks of a Maiko arrangement. And I still can’t access the site. At least I won’t have long to wait until it comes out, right?

  5. Don’t be so hard on Maiko! I’m sure she does her best. I can’t complain since I’m a fan and she composes/arranges better than I can!

    Anyways this news could possibly leave a door open for the new Nanoha movie. It’d be cool to have a new Love Planet Five song along with some insert songs in the movie.

  6. @Same>> well I’m not being harsh to Maiko. I’m just guessing who will be doing the composition/arrangement according to the song title. Maybe who knows it’ll be another “Hirusagari no Gogo”-like song which is one of my fave Mami Kawada ballad song. And I’m still ambivalent with her arrangements, and yes I think she’s doing her best which is good.

  7. For a minute I forgot that the Nanoha series was a spin-off of the Triangle Heart games! I guess that’s what happens when one becomes more popular than the other? Anyways, let’s hope for more I’ve involvement in the Nanoha series.

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