Posted by: 光星 | 08/04/08

Kaori and Maiko team up for another dating-sim theme

(thanks to Haru Chou for the tip!)
Brand new software company Diva-soft has released info on their first game “冬のロンド” (fuyu no rondo). In addition to the BGM, the ending theme will be produced by I’ve’s own Maiko Iuchi:

白い輪舞曲 (shiroi rinbukyoku, translates as “white rondo”)
Vocals: Kaori Utatsuki
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composed/Arranged: Maiko Iuchi

The game’s release date is October 31.

Also, Little Slow Step has taken a few pictures of the TV commercial for MELLSCOPE. Looks like MELL all right. The preview PV should be on Geneon’s site pretty soon.
UPDATE: Nicovideo finally has the MELLSCOPE commercial. SCOPE sounds epic!

(Note: BGM arranged by Maiko as well, post edited to show this)



  1. I’m sure this will be every bit as unforgettable as… uhh… what was the last Maiko Iuchi x Kaori Utatsuki track, again? :P

  2. Love is Money, actually.

    Also, I tweaked the “Upcoming Releases” widget. Is this an improvement?

  3. I know it’s called Love is Money?!, I was just trying to make a joke about how unmemorable Iuchi themes tend to be. That apparently failed massively.

    And the sidebar is indeed improved, but the “Comiket 74” is unnecessary – you could just list the date like you did for everything else.

    And it still doesn’t have Twinkle Crusaders. An improvement nevertheless, though.

  4. I’m still hoping for a better song even if it’s from Maiko Iuchi. I just noticed that all of the eroge theme songs this year are from Iuchi (except for I need magic). What happened to Nakazawa and Takase?

    I’d rather have another “open” rather than have another “Love is money?!” if you ask me.

  5. Nakazawa and Takase are too busy resting on their SAVIA laurels to be bothered to do anything else. However, come MELLSCOPE I’m sure they’ll redeem themselves – or, rather, I really hope they will.

  6. I’m sure MELLSCOPE is going to be a great album. Atleast I hope.

  7. May be old news, but IKU has a Geneon page.

  8. @Same: Hmm. Not really “old” news as much as “news I hadn’t heard about because the other I’ve news sites never bothered to mention it.”
    Too bad the site hasn’t been updated since the single came out, I was hoping to hear more from her.
    Well, I was, anyway.

  9. Yeah. I’ve definately knows how to let good talent get away. I still want to hear more from her too.

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