Posted by: 光星 | 08/07/08

To Aru Majutsu no Index OP and ED info, updated

CDJapan is taking orders for the To Aru Majutsu no Index opening single (as announced below) which will be Mami Kawada’s 6th single. The release date is October 29, a time of year that so far has worked well for her. The limited edition comes with a PV, but so far, no first press goodies.

The most recent issue of Dengeki Magazine has produced an info sheet on the upcoming To Aru Majutsu no Index anime. Guess who’s back and looking for work? That’s right, it’s IKU, who will sing the ending theme. Mami Kawada will sing the already promising opening theme, but hers is the only one of the two that will be I’ve produced. Despite the low-quality scan on the MOONPHASE blog, it is still possible to see that I’ve is next to Mami’s name, yet not IKU’s. Kazuya Takase may still arrange the ending, but that info hasn’t been revealed, nor the names of the songs themselves nor when the single(s) will come out.
You may recall that KOTOKO had earlier claimed to have recorded a song for To Aru. Do we take KOTOKO’s word or Dengeki Magazine? Or is my translation of “今日は、とある曲のレコーディングでした。” that bad?

Also, Nicovideo has the MELLSCOPE commercial up, for those who want a tiny taste of the SCOPE PV.

(thanks to Japanese anime blog Moonphase via littleharlock)



  1. Well Hikaruhoshi, we got our wish! I’m just sceptical of the song from the trailer being the OP and not some random BGM.

  2. maybe KOTOKO will be a singing voice there like what she did with Fiasse Crystela. Oh well whatever that “Kyou wa, To aru kyoku no REKOODINGU deshita…” statement means. >D Give chance to other I’ve Girls. But they shouldn’t made IKU the ending theme performer. They should give that to Eiko instead.

    SCOPE is promising. Or maybe not? Haha we’ll see when the full PV arrives.

  3. The way I see it, IKU is indeed a member of I’ve, but not for eroge themes.

    MELL is my musical inspiration! I’m really liking SCOPE, infact, it’s my ringtone!

  4. wow about the update. The gap between her 5th and single is despicably 1 year but nonetheless, it’s still good to hear that she will be having the single released sooner as I thought… Kawada’s peak is usually last of October to early of November (just like Hishoku no Sora and JOINT did). Hope this single will also do the same as the two… If it’s trance-y I hope it’s as good as TRILL or intron tone. :D

  5. With a title like “My Friend”, I seriously doubt it’s gonna be trancey. I can only picture something close to You give… from SEED.

  6. “My Friend” is the title to her track on the upcoming Nanoha drama album. The Toaru theme title should have a bit more bite to it.

  7. @Same>>well, the one that I’m hoping for a trance-y sound is the opening theme for To Aru (since it’s the opening theme). I’m already hunching that “My Friend” will be another of either ballad or something “La clef” or “capriccio” with the bouncy techno-y sound.

  8. Oh okay! I misread your statement. My bad. I’m not sure what to expect from it honestly. I’m just gonna wait for the composer/arranger to be announced.

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