Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/18/08

SCOPE full video up on BARKS, and it’s… uhh…

Well, MELL’s BARKS spotlight page has been updated, and while for the most part it’s just promotional fluff it’s very much worth noting that the full version of new video SCOPE has been uploaded on the site here.

Is the song any good? Possibly, it’s hard to tell at this point. But regardless of how history will treat it, the first new song from MELL since 2007’s abysmal Virgin’s high! single fails to wash away any of the ill will earned by the aforementioned disaster: if anything, SCOPE makes me like Virgin’s high! a bit more in retrospect. The chorus (previously heard in the MELLSCOPE TV promo spot) is fairly decent, but the song in general seems disappointingly spare; the effect is not at all unlike that of a mid-album filler track inexplicably being pushed as a lead single. Hopefully the album’s other originals will be a bit more impressive, but the general lack of promotional effort being put into MELLSCOPE seems more than a touch worrying.



  1. I enjoy SCOPE quite a bit. It’s a song made for Mell, as you can see from the completely random heavy guitar playing. I think considering the songs that we’ve heard on the album, it’s going to be good anyway.

  2. Also, try Way beyond there and Under Superstition!

  3. I’m loving the song. One more night till the wait is finally over!

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