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…more than a touch worrying

August 20 is finally here. My black-ops haven’t got me MELLSCOPE yet (too busy with Comiket, I bet), and my blue-ops have yet to work around my forwarding address, but we do know the precious credit info of MELL’s first album:
(copy and pasted from I’ve Sound Explorer)
Lyrics:MELL Composed and Arranged:Kazuya Takase
2. Red fraction
3. Way beyond there
Lyrics:MELL Composed: Tomoyuki Nakazawa Arranged: Nakazawa and Takeshi Ozaki
4. repeat
5. Virgin’s high!
6. no vain
7. Permit
8. Under Superstition
Lyrics:MELL Composed and Arranged: Maiko Iuchi
9. kicks!
10. The first finale in me
Lyrics:MELL Composed and Arranged: Nakazawa
11. Utsukushiku Ikitai -10 Years anniversary mix-
Lyrics and Composed: Takase Arranged: Takase and Nakazawa
12. repeat -Deep Forest Remix-
Lyrics: Takase, Translated by Harry Yoshida Composed: Takase Arranged: Eric Moquet

So there you have it. Harry Yoshida, who translated Permit and Outflow, translates repeat, Maiko Iuchi somehow slips into the album, and from what I have heard, “repeat” is, well, repeated. I still can’t get over how many reprints are on the album. Looking forward to Tomoyuki’s efforts, at least!
One other thing I had not thought of before today was that last weekend’s Comiket may have taken attention away from MELLSCOPE, particularly since MELL’s fans are probably the same ones who emptied their bank accounts over the weekend at Tokyo Big Sight. Geneon’s utter lack of promotion didn’t help matters, either.

BONUS: My Friend, Mami Kawada’s saccharine ending to the Nanoha StrikerS Soundstage X Drama CD also has credits:
Lyrics: 都築真紀 (Masaki Tsuzuki)
Composed: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arranged: 一色由比 (Yui Isshiki)
In 2000, Yui Isshiki also arranged the I’ve songs “Komoriuta,” “Hyouketsu no Yoru,” and “Ruriiro no Kumo.”

Caligula (NSWF, but not as much right now as the alternate kicks! PV, see comments) is making a sequel to Ryouki no Ori with the unoriginal title of Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori and subtitle “Vengeful Ghost on Fantasien.” Beats “Zeroshiki Department store.” Anyway, I’ve is prominently featured to provide the themes, as they did with the first one (Automaton, Permit). It will be released sometime next year.



  1. Maiko composed Under Superstition with Mell in mind. It’s a pretty weird/cool song.

  2. That’s great to hear, actually. I was worried she would do some “saigo no yakusoku” type ballad or something that would just sound too bland for MELL’s real style.

    Also, previews of the alternate PVs are up at
    Warning: Videos might not be work safe.

  3. Has anyone heard “My Friend”? It was already released way back August 15 (accdg to then I thought of finding an mp3… but it’s a bit disappointment. >,< it’s a squeaky (pseudo-denpa because of Mami’s voice) ballad… hope the To Aru OP theme is far from being this one.

    I’m liking SCOPE but I’m not loving it… Way beyond there is much cooler! XD

  4. oh i forget, for those who wants to hear the very saccharine “My Friend”,

  5. It’s been some time since I came here..


    Anyway, MELL’s latest album is truly awesome, totally in love with ALL SONGS. I type that truly from the bottom of my heart, especially “The first finale in me”, “scope” and “way beyond there”.

  6. Agreed! It took me a while to get myself to listen to it, and besides the grating Engrish and the “so old it’s new” regret, the album is pretty impressive. Still debating whether it’s better than SAVIA though; utsukushiku ikitai 10year mix is the new triangle, and I never liked triangle that much.

  7. As much as I’d like MELLSCOPE, I’d have to say that SAVIA is still the better album.

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