Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/28/08

Hey ho, blog’s on hiatus

Seeing as Hikaruhoshi and I will both be on vacation for the upcoming weekend, 愛撫―I’ve Sound Blog― will not be updating at the very least until September begins. I don’t have much else to say about this, but here’s a picture of KOTOKO to make this post seem worthwhile.




  1. Well, have fun in your vacations and thank you for all the information you gave about I’ve and my beloved Kotoko.
    I have one question, hope you can help me… I’ve been looking for the song at the credits of the dvd Starlight Symphony, but until now, I´m out of luck… Do you know what´s its title and where I can find it (single, album)? please.

    Thank you (once again).

  2. ehmm if you don’t mind, are you looking for the song “Symphony ~Hoshitachi no Uta~”? Well since Aibu and Hikaruhoshi are on a hiatus, maybe I can help you in some way. :D

  3. Hi fred!
    Well, I really apreciate your help about my question; so that’s the title of that song, well then… can you tell me where I can find it, I mean album or single because I love that song and I don’t know where to get it, pleeeeeeease.
    Oh!… and thank you very much for your help.

  4. Well don’t thank me yet because I’m still not sure if that’s the song you’re looking for (you can thank me if it is). Hmm would you mind taking a listen to it here?

    just listen to the song. If that’s the one you’re looking for, then I’ll be glad to upload (somewhere) the song for you. ^__^

  5. Symphony ~星たちの詩~ was released _only_ at KOTOKO’s concert in Yokohama on December 1, 2006. The CD was distributed to every ticket holder at the concert, and had only the title track. The lyrics were by KOTOKO, and composed and arranged by Kazuya Takase.
    The song falls pretty much in line with KOTOKO’s style at the time, a mostly medium-tempo ballad like Chercher.

  6. Symphony represents one of the most tragically skewed content-to-price ratios in the I’ve resale market: a single-track CD that sells for some $50 if I’m remembering correctly.

  7. Hello again!

    Well guys, that’s exactly the song I was looking for, but as I read before, sadly for me, it’s gonna be impossible to have the CD, so I got to have a mp3 version (or something like this); so far, it’s my second deception since I couldn’t get the DVD of I’ve Live in Budokan, ’cause I really want to see the live perform of the song “Asu he no Namida” by Mami Kawada and of course the whole show huhuhu.

    Thank you very much again for your help and information.

    Ah!… before I leave, I have a question and I would like to know your opinios… Is there a chance of a new album of KOTOKO soon? because since the released of UZU-MAKI it’s almost 2 years so I think it’s time for a new one.

    I’ll be reading you soon. Thanks

  8. well even if Symphony is a midtempo ballad, it certainly is a KOTOKO style… I hope she’ll release a song just like this or a hitorigoto-ish. But the CD is extremely unreasonable when it comes to the price so don’t worry Pedropinilla, I’m a beggar as well, I can’t even afford to buy a single so here’s what I promised to ya.

    And hey, you can still watch the live Asu e no Namida in YouTube. Haha!

    And about your last question, since she’s not releasing any new single for the past 3 months, there is a possibility that she’ll release an album, probably a best singles collection (or whatever best) but don’t guarantee it since it’s just some kind of “tradition” to other J-pop singers. It may or may not happen but at least the album will still come. ^_^

  9. Hello!

    Hey fred!, I already got the song thanks to you, I don’t know why but I really like that song even if it’s far from my favorites like Lament, Blaze or UZU-MAKI. And I really apreciate you comment about my questions, and I hope you´re right.
    Until the next one.

  10. er… Re-sublimity has a %1ooo per cent chance of being on the best hits collective lol and being too… (if there is one)

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