Posted by: 愛撫 | 09/01/08

master groove circle tin revealed

Good evening and hi! Everybody! My ‘vacation’ was ridiculously short so, naturally, I can get back to writing about I’ve. Aren’t you all happy? I don’t know what’s with my overenthusiasm here! Don’t know at all!

Anyhow, as some of you may know, master groove circle’s packaging is of the ‘tin’ sort, and an image of the front of said tin has been uploaded to the album’s Amazon page. It’s actually something of a pleasant cover (not nearly as tacky as it could’ve been), but I do have to say it’d be far preferable to have a definitive tracklist (along with credits for the Change of heart remix? How ’bout it, I’ve?) instead of just a picture of the packaging. But hey, maybe I’m just bitching.



  1. Hi!
    Well, I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna buy master groove circle or not, because I wanna be sure about the quality of the remixes, something like what happened with MELLSCOPE, I regret pre-ordering because I wasn’t confident enough and I think I was right… wait… don’t go wrong with me, I LOVE MELL, especially her songs proof, no vain and kicks! but her debut album wasn’t what I was expecting.
    Finally, my only experience with an I’ve album it’s with the precious Stokesia.
    That’s for now…

  2. I have a feeling that we won’t find out the rest of the credits until the release. Something that’s been running through my head! Master groove circle will be keeping the original vocals, right?

  3. Original artist? Yes.
    Original vocal track? Eh, probably, but it’s also possible that it could be re-recorded for the remix, or even redone completely, a la MELL’s recent overhaul of repeat.

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