Posted by: 光星 | 09/02/08

KOTOKO and Kaori team up once again!

Off in the obscure reaches of eroge blogs (namely, staff blog of eroge producer mana), it has been announced that KOTOKO and Kaori will be singing the theme to mana’s upcoming game “メアメアメア” (official romanization “mare mare mare,” yes I know it’s “mea mea mea”) as a unit! Of course, Mr. 魁 reassures, it is denpa. He also mentions that the ai-sp@ce theme, to which the applications for beta testing close tomorrow, is still being done by KOTOKO despite no announcement on the official site.
The game is scheduled for release on November 28.
Outside of projects related to Short Circuit II, KOTOKO and Kaori haven’t teamed up on any song since Lament in 2003, so perhaps with the success of the joint live shows, we’ll be seeing more from the duo in the future.
Also, 魁 is credited as the songwriter for “zutto soba ni…”, “Undying Love”, and “Atarashii Koi no Katachi”, who as of April 2007, still works for Bonbee!, the same company that produced games for the above songs. I’d be skeptical that those and “mare mare mare” had anything in common if it weren’t for the stuffed chihuahua that shows up in both blogs. I am skeptical, however, that KOTOKO will relinquish songwriting duties for this game.



  1. Hi!
    That was a surprise!!!
    Kaori teamed up KOTOKO on Lament… now I love Kaori more than before (in love with her since the first time I heard Senecio huhuhu), and I think both would do a great duo for that “eroge” game… I mean singin’ huhuhu, ’cause beautiful voices are only destinated to beautiful songs (if Takase or CG mix stay aside…)

  2. Uhmm I have a question, is the DVD edition of “Seishun Rocket” not considered as Kaori & Kotoko team up? Ah well, it’s just the PV, I guess since it doesn’t really come in an mp3 format (unless PV ripped but still the sound effects are still there).

    And maybe KOTOKO will be having a rest on songwriting since Kaori always neglects the job of doing it especially on her eroge theme songs. And now that you mentioned it, KOTOKO didn’t write any lyrics on any of the songs of the eroge ALMA ~Zutto Soba ni~ right?

    SIDE NOTES: The game title is indeed ridiculous. “Mare mare mare…” just sounds foolish. I didn’t find it funny at all. Even worse than “MELLSCOPE”, but that’s just me.

  3. Ups! So, right now KOTOKO doesn’t want to write songs and the lazy Kaori should be the responsible one for the eroges games… c’mon ladies (or should I say “Divas”) get back to work!; and even if I barely understand just a little of Japanese language, I think the title of the game is very ridiculous, about MELL album, I don’t know why but I kinda like it huhuhu.

  4. This pleases me greatly.

  5. @fred: Yeah, the Seishun Rocket PV is a KOTOKO and Kaori team-up, and yes, the only way to get an audio file of that is to rip it off of the PV itself, much like the See You PV (up until last December, anyway). But it’s still part of the SCII package.

  6. @Pedropinilla: You’re calling Kaori lazy, why? If anything it’s not her fault at all that she doesn’t write many of her lyrics. It’s a decision that extends way beyong her control. Kaori has written two songs before and both of them are VERY nice songs. Nothing at all that makes them “divas.”

    I think the title “Mare mare mare” comes from “Nightmare” or something like that.

  7. Ups! @Same, sorry for calling her lazy, but I did it in the goog sense, it’s obvious for everyone that she is not only a talented singer but beautiful too, and because of that, for me she’s so atractive and thinking about her as a lazy lady with her lovely smile (sounds like moe huhuhu) get a happy face from me, well, in any case, gomenasai.
    On the other hand, I agree with you ’cause I’m very concerned about her role in I’ve, under the decisions of Takase and others, therefore is out of her responsability what she does or not, but I still think about her as a Diva (alongside MELL and KOTOKO fo course).

  8. I’m guessing you have to write a number of songs before they get KOTOKO out of the way as your lyricist if you’re in I’ve. I think Anata ga Suki & Change of heart were both great songs, so I can’t understand why Kaori’s not allowed to write her own songs. It’s really kind of annoying. I love KOTOKO, but I feel like she’s kinda bringing I’ve down with her getting all the songs and writing all the lyrics. It’s really just unfair. I stil believe she’s the reason SHIHO & MOMO left I’ve.

  9. You know @Same, I never thought about it, but I think you’re probably right, it’s really unfair for the others not having the chance to express their talent more often or in different ways, Kaori has a few singles not yet an album… very poor, but she’s not the responsable I think, the same for MELL, maybe they are tied up or something like that.

    Well, I also love KOTOKO, and I don’t wanna think she’s the main reason for the other singers to leave I’ve behind; I prefer the image at the end of the Starlight Symphony concert in Yokohama, when they are all together supporting KOTOKO from the bottom of their heart.

    Maybe I’m a little naive (or I want to be…)

  10. Well maybe because her (Kaori) songwriting is not as “professional” or not that much developed as that of KOTOKO so they had her for the lyrics.

    Anyhow, the lyrics for “Anata ga Suki” is simple but truly wonderful. I love that song next to SWAY. “Change of heart” is describes a more matured Kaori. I hope when the time comes she’ll be having an album, she’ll write the lyrics of at least 3/4 of the content of her tracklisting.

    I’m saying this because not all of the I’ve girls started their career at the music production as a songwriter (Mami Kawada, Kaori Utatsuki and even MELL on her some eroge songs) but look at them now, they started writing their own lyrics.

  11. BTW UPDATE UPDATE: (Sorry if I have to post it here)

    tracklisting of master groove circle updated!

    -kicks!(SINE6 remix)
    -リアル鬼ごっこ(Ben Watkins from JUNO REACTOR remix)
    -WHEEL OF FORTUNE(運命の輪)(SINE6 remix)
    -Change of heart(soyuz project remix)
    -radiance(JOY BASU remix)
    -Re-sublimity(Shiva Joerg & HARD STUFF remix)

    SIDE NOTES: It looks like KazuyaxTomoyuki is back from the job in Re-sublimity! ;)

  12. After visiting soyuz project’s Myspace, I must say any hope of the Change of heart remix not sucking has just been shot straight to hell.

  13. Not only that, but it looks like they actually split the project over the two discs: (actual news post later today)

    1.Suppuration-core-(G.M.S. remix)
    2.TRILL(Shiva Joerg remix)
    3.kicks!(SINE6 remix)
    4.リアル鬼ごっこ(Ben Watkins from JUNO REACTOR remix)
    5.IMMORAL(SORMA No.1 remix)
    6.WHEEL OF FORTUNE(運命の輪)(SINE6 remix)
    7.Change of heart(soyuz project remix)

    1.Re-sublimity(Shiva Joerg & HARD STUFF remix)
    2.ひぐらしのなく頃に(SORMA No.1 remix)
    3.radiance(JOY BASU remix)
    4.Red fraction(G.M.S. remix)
    5.UZU-MAKI(Eat Static remix) vain(G.M.S. remix)
    7.ひかりなでしこ(Eric Mouquet from Deep Forest remix)

  14. What! Two discs for 14 songs! that’s to much for a remix album, so… every remix should be 7 or 8 minutes long, it’s so disapointing, I thought one disc was for the vocal remix and the other for the off-vocal (like Stokesia) but, after all, sadly I was wrong.
    As I thought, I will have to wait for your review before getting the album because I’m not sure if it would be worthy of not.

  15. hi!.. frist comment here :Di dunno much about at all about the world of I’ve sound but i got references.

    [about the title of fisrt MELL album i think it’s good just for me (my opinion) and tghe best of her album its the first track “SCOPE” if u like not oln y Jpop, jrock or electronic.. but alternative music ^^ i like that style by MELL and i think she’s improving her music.]

    that would be great that KOTOKO and kaori sing together..^^ ceeya!

  16. @Pedropinilla-Remix albums are never really that great, so I don’t have much faith in this album in the first place. The Juno Reactor remixes are the only ones I can imagine being to my liking.

  17. Welcome, Pinky! I love your Youtube background!

    I think all of us — even Aibu the Grouch – can agree that more “KOTOKO TO Kaori” is definitely a good thing.

  18. “I think all of us — even Aibu the Grouch – can agree that more “KOTOKO TO Kaori” is definitely a good thing.”

    DAMN STRAIGHT! As someone with ears who heard Double HarmoniZe Shock!!, I have to say KOTOKO and Kaori are capital-A Awesome together.

  19. I want more KOTOKO+Kaori and more Healing Leaf!! I gotta have more Healing Leaf!!!

  20. The song’s title for mare mare mare is “Crash Course ~恋の特別レッスン~ ” (Crash Course ~Koi no Tokubetsu RESSUN~)

    composition/arrangement: C.G mix
    lyrics: KOTOKO (Oh my, she’s still on it. X___X)

    Plus, I’ve’s going to held another live concert on Budokan this 2009:

  21. Oh! That’s a surprise @fred!

    A new concert from I’ve in Budokan!!! Even if it’s impossible for me to be there, since now I’ll be waiting (no matter if it’s for one, two or more years) for an edition of a dvd with it huhuhu.

    I just wake up, what a good way to start a new day huhuhu.

  22. Ohh thx 光星, i dunno where u are from, but i think u a re an asiatic i’ve-fan (’cause i dun understan nothing about ur name lol”).

    i love this forum, here i can find the lastest projects by I’ve sound and KOTOKO of course…, and over alll more fans of I’ve and KOTOKO :D

    hope we keep on contact!!!!! ceya!

  23. Crash Course is so awesome.

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