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master groove circle full arrangement list up

Amazon is the source, we have info on the previously announced arrangers.
So, here we go:
New info in bold

Disc 1:
1.Suppuration-core-(G.M.S. remix) (GMS’s Wiki entry)
2.TRILL(Shiva Joerg remix) (Shiva Joerg’s myspace)
3.kicks!(SINE6 remix) (SINE6’s myspace profile)
4.Real Onigokko(Ben Watkins from JUNO REACTOR remix) (Juno Reactor’s Wiki entry)
5.IMMORAL(SORMA No.1 remix)
6.WHEEL OF FORTUNE(運命の輪)(SINE6 remix)
7.Change of heart(soyuz project remix) (Soyuz project’s home page)

Disc 2:
1.Re-sublimity(Shiva Joerg & HARD STUFF remix) (HARD STUFF is the trance mix duo of Tomoyuki Nakazawa and Kazuya Takase)
2.ひぐらしのなく頃に(SORMA No.1 remix)
3.radiance(JOY BASU remix) (Joy Basu’s official web site)
4.Red fraction(G.M.S. remix)
5.UZU-MAKI(Eat Static remix) (Eat Static’s Wiki entry) vain(G.M.S. remix)
7.ひかりなでしこ(Eric Mouquet from Deep Forest remix)

Great to see that HARD STUFF gets a token arrangement credit — and on Re-Sublimity no less! – but it still doesn’t take away the feeling that this album is made up of a bunch of nobodies: a few B and C-list arrangers that have had worked with I’ve in the past (SORMA, Joy Basu, G.M.S., Deep Forest) with a few more international B and C-List arrangers, and when time got really short, they hired pretty much anyone with working knowledge of Fruity Loops and the spare time to arrange the last three tracks (SINE6, soyuz project).
With fourteen tracks, most of which will shoot well beyond 5 minutes, there is a good possibility at least one of the remixes will be worth the download purchase, but if there was ever an I’ve project that embodied the adjective “hit-and-miss,” it would be this one.



  1. UGGH MORE JOY BUS. And Soyuz Project, who might just suck worse.

    The Nakazawa x Takase reunion for a Re-Sublimity remix would sound like a great prospect were it not for the following two reasons: First, there’s also Shiva Joerg in there and it’s rare for remixes involving some 3 DJs to not fuck up. Second, last Takase-produced remix we got was the 10th anniversary cut of Utsukushiku Ikitai off MELLSCOPE, and that one sucked terribly.

  2. I agree with you and taking the words from @Same about this remix album, my hopes are less and decaying about the quality of the remixes, tough I like the beginning of that song from MELLSCOPE.

    And remembering a comment on the previous post, maybe a good song would be worhty for downl… coff coff coff… I mean buying the album huhuhu.

  3. Btw, I just noticed that the “JOINT (Joybasu Remix)” kinda disappeared… They changed it to radiance. But oh well, who wants to hear a rock performance being remixed into a trance one? That would be a little off, I must say.

  4. I’m not sure I would call Deep Forest B or C list arranger, seeing as how the group has sold over 10million albums, and collaborated with dozens of well know artists.

  5. “I’m not sure I would call Deep Forest B or C list arranger”

    Those were Hikaruhoshi’s words, not mine!

  6. Who is Hikaruhoshi?

    I also wouldn’t call Juno Reactor a B or C list arranger, they did quite a bit of music for the Matrix movies.


  7. p.s. I’ve been listening to the Hikari Nadeshiko remix off of Master Groove Circle, and I think it turned out pretty well in my biased humble opinion lol.


  8. Hikaruhoshi (光星) is the other writer on this blog – he writes most of the blog’s newsposts (this one included), while I largely handle the reviews.

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