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I’ve in Budokan 2009

You felt it was coming. That little teaser at the end of the I’ve in Budokan DVD. The infrequent reminders that coming this February, it will have been ten years since I’ve’s first release, and one of those two songs had a special remix on MELLSCOPE, so you knew, they had to be aware it was coming.
So what is it?
I’ve in Budokan 2009 ~Departed to the Future~
Not a very original concept, sure, but what better way to kick off the next decade of I’ve than to bring back as many singers and arrangers from I’ve’s past and hold an epic concert in Japan’s most prestigious venue? Not to mention those I’ve fans that missed out on the first I’ve in Budokan back in 2005 get their chance to be a part of I’ve history. There isn’t even a concert date set at this time, though I can’t imagine it will be outside of February 2009. A press conference will be held on October 3.
Much more information is yet to be announced as the hype machine slowly revs up.



  1. Personal reaction (stolen from little slow step’s blog)

    ( ゚д゚) ・・・
    (;゚д゚) ・・・
    _, ._
    (;゚ Д゚)

    ANNOUNCING THE FUNDRAISER TO SEND HIKARUHOSHI (AND MAYBE AIBU) TO BUDOKAN! YOU WANT HARD HITTING REPORTING AND KICKAWESOME REVIEWS, JUST SEND YOUR RENT CHECK TO… ah hell, who am I kidding? It doesn’t matter how much I want to be at this twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I can barely scratch enough together to drive myself one state over to visit my family over the weekend, let alone have a spare four figures lying around to put me on a jet to Japan.
    I feel fortunate enough to own both I’ve in Budokan DVDs, but there isn’t any substitute for hearing “See You” live in concert, without a dry eye neither on stage or in the seats, with thousands of I’ve fans singing along to the ending chorus. Feels just a little detached watching from my laptop.

  2. As much as I want to go there too, I don’t have the moolah to drive a 10-wheeler truck all the way to Japan. *sobs* I wanted to go there so badly because I want to hear the I’ve girls sing live and have an autograph later. ><;

    On the other side, maybe KOTOKO & Kaori will perform Crash Course ~Tokubetsu no RESSUN~ haha *vanishes hope since this is no SHORT CIRCUIT concert* Since C.G mix will be the one doing this piece of music for mare mare mare, I think this will be a good Shichitenhakki or Jet Smash!-ish performance once again.

  3. @fred: And I was thinking about making some sort of prophetic statement about how since C.G Mix hasn’t done much this year and how he does most of the denpa that he will arrange the maremaremare theme…
    Anyway, yeah, Crash Course~恋の特別レッスン~ (koi no tokubetsu lesson) is arranged and composed by C.G Mix, KOTOKO does the lyrics, etc., etc.
    I don’t think there’s any way KOTOKO and Kaori aren’t going to sing at least one song together; the fans demand it.

  4. This is by far the best news of the month (and I put behind my Rainbow Mika and Minase Yukiko figures that I just received from HLJ), saldly it’s impossible for me to be at the concert Buaaaaaaah!… but I’m completely sure it’s gonna be a huge live performance, with surprises and moments to not forget, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the performances we’re gonna have on stage, maybe MELL singing “no vain”, “kicks!” or “proof”, or KOTOKO performing “Blaze” or “Siren”, Uffffff!… right now my mind doesn’t have limits!!!



    YES, best news EVER. Obviously I won’t be able to go (I’ve long since crushed any dreams of going to any live concerts).

    I’m STILL looking for the 2005 Budokan live D: Grrr, why can’t they just sell it outside of Japan…

  7. I agree with you Naddie, I’ve been searching for the dvd in Cdjapan, Yesasia, Play-Asia, but it’s sold out and other stores like don’t have the shipping service outside Japan… Damn.

    But when the edition of this dvd come out… I swear for my life that I’m gonna have my copy… Yeahhh.

  8. Yeah, the only places that do sell ’em won’t ship outside of Japan, so I’m kinda giving it up for a lost cause. Argh, even a DL would do, anything rather than rewatching them on YouTube >_> See how desperate they made me?! LOL.

    You can bet I’ll be watching the net for this DVD. No way am I missing out on this one.

    Wish my local CD stores could import concert DVDs on request. All they have are concert DVDs from artists like Koda Kumi, Ayu, Ai Otsuka -_- Thanks guys. Really.

  9. I’ve Sound FAQ update coming regarding getting the non-Geneon I’ve goodies.
    Also, the registration site appears to be for companies only, which probably means it’s just for the press (like the press conference on October 3).

    EDIT: this might be useful
    Amazon Japan does ship the Budokan DVD overseas.

  10. I wonder if Rita & IKU will be attending the concert? I do hope so!

  11. Hikaruhoshi, thanks for that link :) Haha at this:

    “Only 3 left in stock–order soon (more on the way).”

    Jeez, I’d use “please buy it for my birthday” on my Mom, but I think I already used that line earlier this year… Curse my credit-card-less state!

  12. Huhuhu, thank you for the link, you know, September is the anniversary month of my country, reason enough for lots of party and “huge meals” and that means spending a lot of money too, so at the end of the month I´ll put the order to buy my copy of the dvd.

    Updated:”Only 4 left in stock-order soon” huhuhu.

    So, we have to wait until october 3 to know more about the concert, I can imagine the divas at the press conference with a lot of lucky guys askings silly questions (I put silly because I’m jealous of course) and they looking beautiful huhuhu. And if someone go to the concert, bring photos and videos, please.

  13. Funny story! According to a friend of mine, Eiko just found out about the concert by looking at I’ve Sound Explorer! lol

  14. @Same: …whu-? I thought she was supposed to be part of the concert, which would mean knowing about it beforehand? xD Well I guess that means it’s a surprise for them and rehearsals haven’t started just yet :P

  15. Can’t you imagine Eiko at a computer? “Wow! I’ve is having another concert at Budokan! That’s so cool! Wait…WE’RE GOING TO BUDOKAN AGAIN?!?!”


    (The blog post in which Eiko finds out about the concert through I’ve Sound Explorer.)

  17. Ha ha ha, Shimamiya sensei rocks!!
    I was so impressed when I read that there’ll be a concert in 2009, By chance I’ll be in Japan in that time :) , Althougth I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to Budokan… T.T damn it…

  18. Damn you @Shigure shin! (joke… huhuhu)

    I have a doubt, the alternate videos of “no vain” and “kicks!” that MELLSCOPE Limited Edition has, are new ones, I mean different from the originals in their respective singles or not?. I love Kicks! video.

  19. @Pedropinilla-Would that be because of the naked woman? lol j/k

  20. Hey @Same! sorry for this late answer, you know, I just watched the alternative version of “kicks!” on Youtube ¬_¬…

    I didn’t knew there was a naked “lady” on it, but after all it wasn’t enough with that woman tough this version has better cameras on the face of MELL (and to tell the truth, she looks so beautiful as always), but I keep the original video as my favorite, because I missed the scenes where MELL appears with that long white dress with the city enviroment behind at the end of the video huhuhu.

    I also watched the PV for “SCOPE”, honestly… really, I have to be honest with all of you, if I was in love with her before, right now I’m her slave, ¿a reason?… She looks Hot, great, awesome, her singin’ is simply amazing, I could say a lot of things about her and it wouldn’t be enough to express what I feel right now.

    Thanks to the web that gave me the chance to meet such a great singers on the other side of the world, and of course, this aibu blog huhuhu.

  21. Well i just recently discovered Kotoko music ( in canada since i live in montreal) and i just think that its sad that compagny do not sell certain
    product outside of the country(Japan)

    Ok, i know about the copyright law and those thing, whe even have some of the worst here in Canada…

    Anyway, if this is for Dvd concert and cd/single, i would not have a problem. Even i as an ex-D.J. here in montréal, i was selling my filmed set over the internet….

    Im not here the tell other people( in another country) to do there job, but to counter illegal download, should the product be made available to everyone?
    Well if this was a console game or a computer game i would understand.. but music.???

    Still, i do wish a was in Japan for the next Kotoko show… im comming anyway for my b-day next july:)So i’ll try to purchase lot’s of music down there:)


    • Yeah, due to some weird classification by Visual Art’s, I’ve’s parent company, most of their music released by Visual Art’s is considered “Software” and Amazon won’t ship it outside of Japan. Add that to the music released only with the software itself or at Comiket and it becomes impossible to listen to it all without downloading.
      Most of their releases in the past several years have been through Geneon, and those releases are much easier to obtain, a few of them are even available on iTunes.

  22. Also, I’m supremely jealous that you’re going to Japan! So much music I can’t even find to download.

  23. Hey hikaruhoshi,

    I remember a few year ago, Kotoko was on a tv show called: the zone.
    It’s one of those after school show tv present cartoon.. anyway, she was there in 2005 if i remember. The tv station was YTV and its stationed in Toronto…

    As for The other response you gave me, to my idea, music and dvd concert should be made available to oversea people.. like me! The only thing this way of selling product encourage, is the illegal download.

    Of course ive found link to download everything via torrent site… but i really hate doing so.

    As for the part that your jealous of me because im going to Japan next july… loll! I just hope that there is going to be a Kotoko show during the time im going to be there.

    But if i have the chance, i’ll purchase all of her Dvd concert and cd. Wonder if the custmon from Canada are going to let me come with them…

    Anyway, talk to you later:)

  24. Also i wonder if she is planning of doing a english version of her fan page……

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